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 Names meaning 'Lion'

Name that means

Meaning:  Lion

List of Names that means 'Lion'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbbaasIndianDescription of a lionBoy
AbbasIndianDescription of a lionBoy
AbbasIranian (Persian)Frowning; Looking Austere; LionBoy
AdnaanIndianLion; BraveryBoy
AdnanIndianLion; BraveryBoy
AhasuerusLatinGreat warrior; Lion KingBoy
Al AbbasIndianDescription of a lionBoy
Al AbbasIndianLionBoy
AlabbasIndianDescription of a lionBoy
AreilleHebrewLioness of GodGirl
AreliBiblicalLion of GodBoy
AreliEnglishLion of GodBoy
AreliHebrewLion of GodBoy
AreliIndianLion of GodBoy
AriHebrewLion; BraveBoy
AridaiEnglishThe LionBoy
AridaiIndianThe LionBoy
ArieHebrewLion of GodBoy
AriehHebrewLion; BraveBoy
ArielBiblicalLion of GodUnisex
ArielEnglishLion of GodUnisex
ArielFrenchLion of GodUnisex
ArielHebrewLion of GodUnisex
ArielIndianLion of GodUnisex
ArielaHebrewLion of GodGirl
ArielaSpanishLion of God; BraveGirl
ArieleFrenchLioness of GodGirl
AriellaHebrewLion of GodUnisex
ArielleFrenchLioness of GodGirl
ArielleHebrewLion of GodUnisex
ArsalanIranian (Persian)LionBoy
AryeHebrewLion of GodBoy
AryehHebrewLion of GodBoy
Asad  (أسد)ArabianLion; Happy or LuckyBoy
AsadIranian (Persian)LionBoy
AslanTurkishLion In TurkishBoy
AthaleyahHebrewLioness of GodGirl
BenroyHebrewSon of a LionBoy
FenggeChinesePhoenix PavilionBoy
GhassedakIranian (Persian)Flower (Dandelion)Girl
GurHebrewYoung LionBoy
GuriHebrewYoung LionBoy
GuriceHebrewYoung LionGirl
GurionHebrewYoung LionBoy
GuryonHebrewYoung LionBoy
HafsIndianLion; Young of lionBoy
Haidar; Haider  (حيدر)ArabianLionBoy
HamzaIndianLion; Strong; Steadfast; BraveBoy
HamzahIndianLion; Strong; Steadfast; BraveBoy
HarirajIndianKing of lions; BraveBoy
HarirajIndianKing of lionsBoy
HarithIndianLion; BraveBoy
HarithIndianGreen; LionBoy
HarithiIndianGreen; LionessGirl
HeydarIranian (Persian)LionBoy
HyderIndianLion; Strong; Steadfast; BraveBoy
JocelinEnglishLion of God; GautUnisex
JocelinIndianLion of God; GautUnisex
JocelineEnglishLion of God; GautUnisex
JocelineIndianLion of God; GautUnisex
JocelynEnglishLion of God; GautUnisex
JocelynIndianLion of God; GautUnisex
JorunNorwegianStallion to loveGirl
JorunnNorwegianStallion to loveGirl
KefiraHebrewLion CubGirl
KesarIndianPollen; LionGirl
KesarIndianSaffron; LionGirl
KesariIndianSaffron; A LionGirl
KesariIndianSaffron; LionGirl
KimlyVietnameseGolden LionGirl
KoseyEgyptianLion; Brave; StrongBoy
KotijitIndianConquering millionsBoy
KumkumIndianVermilion; Sacred powder (red)Girl
KumkumIndianSacred powder; Red; VermilionGirl
KumkumIndianSacred powder; VermillionGirl
LaviHebrewLion; BraveBoy
LeanderLatinLion man; BraveBoy
LeandraLatinLion man; BraveGirl
LeandreFrenchLion Man; Brave as a LionBoy
LeandroItalianLion ManBoy
LeandroPortugueseLion ManBoy
LeandroSpanishLion Man; BraveBoy
Leandros  (Λέανδρος)GreekLion Man; BraveBoy
LebHebrewHeart; Lion; BraveBoy
LeiandrosGreekLion Man; BraveBoy
LenEnglishLion strong; FluteBoy
LenIndianLion strong; FluteBoy
LenardEnglishLion strongBoy
LenardFrenchLion; BraveBoy
LenardGermanBrave as a LionBoy
LenardIndianLion strongBoy
LennardEnglishLion strongBoy
LennardFrenchLion; BraveBoy
LennardGermanBrave as a LionBoy
LennardIndianLion strongBoy
LennartFinnishLion; Brave; StrongBoy
LennieEnglishLion strongBoy
LennieIndianLion strongBoy
LennyEnglishLion strongBoy
LennyIndianLion strongBoy
LeoEnglishLion strongBoy
LeoFrenchLion; BraveBoy
LeoIndianLion strongBoy
LeoLatinLion; BraveBoy
LeocadieFrenchLion; BraveBoy
LeodegranceFrenchLion; BraveBoy
LeolaEnglishLion; BraveGirl
LeolaFrenchLioness; BraveGirl
LeolaIndianLion; BraveGirl
LeonEnglishLion; BraveBoy
LeonFrenchLion; BraveBoy
LeonGermanLion; BraveBoy
LeonIndianLion; BraveBoy
LeonSpanishLion Man; BraveBoy
LeonaEnglishLion; BraveGirl
LeonaFrenchLioness; BraveGirl
LeonaGermanLioness; BraveGirl
LeonaIndianLion; BraveGirl
LeonaLatinLion; BraveGirl
LeonardEnglishLion strongBoy
LeonardFrenchLion; BraveBoy
LeonardGermanLion; BraveBoy
LeonardIndianLion strongBoy
LeonardPolishBrave LionBoy
LeonardaFrenchLioness; BraveGirl
LeonardoItalianBrave as a Lion; Strong; fear lessBoy
LeonardoPortugueseLion StrongBoy
LeonardoSpanishLion Man; BraveBoy
LeonasLithuanianLion; BraveBoy
LeonceFrenchLion; BraveBoy
LeoncioSpanishLion Man; BraveBoy
LeondaFrenchLioness; BraveGirl
LeondraFrenchLioness; BraveGirl
LeondreaFrenchLioness; BraveGirl
LeoneEnglishLion; BraveGirl
LeoneFrenchLion; BraveUnisex
LeoneIndianLion; BraveGirl
LeonekPolishBrave as a LionBoy
LeonelSpanishYoung LionBoy
LeonelaFrenchYoung LionessGirl
LeonelleFrenchYoung LionessGirl
LeonhardGermanLion StrongBoy
LeonhardTeutonicLion strongBoy
LeonhardtGermanLion StrongBoy
Leonid  (Леонид)RussianBrave as a LionBoy
Leonidas  (Λεωνιδας)GreekLionBoy
LeonidesLatinLion's SonBoy
LeonidesSpanishYoung LionBoy
LeonieFrenchLioness; BraveGirl
LeoniusLatinLion; BraveBoy
LeonneFrenchLioness; BraveGirl
Leonti  (Леонтий)RussianLion; BraveBoy
LeontinaFrenchLike a LionessGirl
LeontinaLatinLion; BraveGirl
LeontineFrenchLion LikeGirl
LeontinusLatinLion; BraveBoy
Leontios  (Λεόντιος)GreekLionBoy
LeontiusLatinLion; BraveBoy
Leonty  (Леонтий)RussianLion; BraveBoy
LeontyneEnglishLion like; BraveGirl
LeontyneIndianLion like; BraveGirl
LeonzioItalianLion LikeBoy
LeosCzech & SlovakLion; BraveBoy
LevHebrewHeart; Lion; BraveBoy
Lev  (Лев)RussianLion; BraveBoy
LeventTurkishThe Lions; Handsome; BraveBoy
LinikPolishBrave as a LionBoy
LionelEnglishYoung LionBoy
LionelFrenchYoung LionBoy
LionelIndianYoung LionBoy
LionellFrenchYoung LionBoy
LisimbaEgyptianLion; Brave; StrongBoy
LlewellynScottishLion LikeBoy
LonellFrenchYoung LionBoy
LonnellFrenchYoung LionBoy
LuanAlbanianLion; BraveBoy
LyonetteFrenchLittle LionessGirl
LyovRussianLion; BraveBoy
MahibIndianAnother name for god; Lion; BraveBoy
MarisaLatinObstinacy; Rebelliousness; Their RebellionGirl
MrigendraIndianLion; BraveBoy
MrigeshIndianLion; BraveBoy
MrinendraIndianLion; BraveBoy
NapoleonFrenchLion of the WoodlandBoy
Nara SimhaIndianLion ManBoy
NarhariIndianLion man; BraveBoy
NarhariIndianLion; Lion man; BraveBoy
NarsimhaIndianLion among men; BraveBoy
NarsimhaIndianLion among menBoy
OsamaIndianDescription of lion; BraveBoy
OssamaIndianDescription of lion; BraveBoy
OthnielEnglishLion of GodBoy
OthnielIndianLion of GodBoy
OtnielEnglishLion of GodBoy
OtnielIndianLion of GodBoy
Pantaleon  (Πανταλέων)GreekAll LionBoy
PantaleoneItalianAll LionBoy
ParindraIndianLion; BraveBoy
QinggeChineseClear PavilionGirl
RonsherIndianLion of the battlefieldBoy
SakhmetEgyptianMythical Goddess Worshipped In Memphis; LionessGirl
ShamsherIndianBrave like a lionBoy
SherIndianThe beloved one; LionBoy
SherIranian (Persian)LionBoy
SherSanskritThe beloved one; LionBoy
SiavushIndianPossessing black stallionsBoy
SiavushIranian (Persian)Possessing Black StallionsBoy
SinhvahanIndianLord Shiva; One who rides a lionBoy
TauEgyptianLion; Brave; StrongBoy
TilakIndianSpot of Vermillion; Sandal wood paste on foreheadBoy
TochoNative AmericanMountain LionBoy
UsaamaIndianDescription of a lionBoy
UsaamahIndianDescription of a lionBoy
Usama  (أسامة)ArabianLionBoy
UsamahIndianDescription of a lionBoy
UsaydIndianLittle lionBoy
VanraajIndianRuler of forest; LionBoy
VanrajIndianRuler of forest; LionBoy
Van-RajIndianRuler of the forest; The LionBoy
Van-RajIndianRuler of forest; LionBoy
ZaighamIndianLion; King of the jungleBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Lion'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
RanasingheSri Lanka Fighter Lion
RupasingheSri Lanka Beautiful Lion
Singhe; SinhaSri Lanka Lion
WeerasingheSri Lanka Bravelion

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