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 Names meaning 'Mountain'

Name that means

Meaning:  Mountain

List of Names that means 'Mountain'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AadrikaIndianMountain; CelestialGirl
AadrikaSanskritMountain; CelestialGirl
AalonaHawaiianHigh MountainBoy
AarenEnglishHigh mountain; Light bringerUnisex
AarenIndianHigh mountain; Light bringerUnisex
AaronHebrewExalted One; High; High MountainBoy
AaronSpanishHigh MountainBoy
AcalapatiIndianLord of the immovable; Lord of mountainBoy
AcalapatiIndianLord of immovable; Lord of mountainBoy
AchalrajIndianHimalayan mountainBoy
AchalrajIndianHimalaya mountainBoy
AdrijaIndianOf the mountain; Another name for goddess ParvathiGirl
AdrijaIndianOf the mountain; Goddess ParvatiGirl
AdripathiIndianMaster of the mountainsBoy
AdripathiSanskritMaster of the mountainsBoy
AdrisaIndianMountain lordGirl
AgendraIndianKing of mountains; Himalaya mountainBoy
AgendraIndianKing of mountainsBoy
AharonHebrewExalted One; High; High MountainBoy
AlbanEnglishLike Albus; White; MountainBoy
AlbanIndianLike Albus; White; MountainBoy
AlbinEnglishLike Albus; White; MountainBoy
AlbinIndianLike Albus; White; MountainBoy
AlbinaEnglishLike Albus; White; MountainGirl
AlbinaIndianLike Albus; White; MountainGirl
AlborzIranian (Persian)MountainBoy
AlburzIranian (Persian)MountainBoy
AlbyEnglishLike Albus; White; MountainBoy
AlbyIndianLike Albus; White; MountainBoy
AnnamalaiIndianLord of mountains; Lord ShivaUnisex
AnnamalaiIndianLord of mountains; Another name for lord ShivaUnisex
Arke  (אַרקע)YiddishHigh MountainBoy
AronHungarianHigh MountainBoy
Arwa  (أروى)ArabianMountain GoatGirl
ArwaIndianFemale mountain goatGirl
ArwaIndianSatisfied; Pleasant; Fresh; Female mountain goatGirl
AshmaIndianRock; Mountain of rocks; StrongGirl
AvichalIndianMountain; Rock; UnmovableBoy
AvichalIndianMountain; RockBoy
AyronPolishHigh MountainBoy
BeaumontEnglishBeautiful MountainBoy
BeaumontIndianBeautiful MountainBoy
ChongkunChineseSecond Brother; Kunlun MountainBoy
CieraEnglishMountain rangeGirl
CieraIndianMountain rangeGirl
CierraEnglishMountain rangeGirl
CierraIndianMountain rangeGirl
DelmonFrenchOf the mountainBoy
DelmontFrenchOf the mountainBoy
DorjanHungarianMountainous Region of GreeceBoy
DrummandScottishRidge; MountainBoy
DrummondScottishRidge; MountainBoy
DumontFrenchOf the mountainBoy
GiridharIndianOne who holds mountain (Krishna)Boy
GiridharIndianOne who holds mountain (lord Krishna)Boy
GiridharIndianLord Krishna; Holder of the mountainBoy
GiridharIndianOne who holds mountain; Lord KrishnaBoy
GirijaIndianBorn of a mountain; Goddess ParvatiGirl
GirijaIndianBorn of mountain; Goddess ParvatiGirl
GirijaIndianDaughter of mountain; Goddess ParvatiGirl
GirikaIndianSummit of a mountainGirl
GirilalIndianSon of mountain; Lord ShivaBoy
GirilalIndianSon of mountainBoy
GirindraIndianLord of the mountains; Lord ShivaBoy
GirindraSanskritLord of the mountains; Lord ShivaBoy
GiriraajIndianKing of mountainsBoy
GiriraajSanskritKing of mountainsBoy
GirirajIndianKing of mountains; HimalayaBoy
GirirajIndianLord of mountain; Lord ShivaBoy
GirirajIndianLord of mountainBoy
GirirajIndianGod of the mountainsBoy
GirirajSanskritKing of mountainsBoy
GirishIndianGod of mountainBoy
GirishIndianLord of mountain; Lord ShivaBoy
GirishIndianLord of mountains; Lord Shiva; Mahadev; HimalayaBoy
GirishIndianLord of mountain; HimalayaBoy
GirishSanskritLord of mountains; Shiva; MahadevBoy
GovardhanIndianName of a mountain in GokulBoy
HarelHebrewMountain of GodBoy
HarounArabianHigh Mountain; SuperiorBoy
HarrellHebrewMountain of GodBoy
HarunArabianHigh Mountain; SuperiorBoy
HemaadriIndianMountain of goldBoy
HemadriIndianMountain of goldBoy
HemadriIndianGolden hills; Mountain of goldGirl
HimaadriIndianSnow mountainBoy
HimadriIndianPeak of snow; The Himalaya mountainGirl
HimadriSanskritPeak of snow; The Himalaya mountainGirl
HimalayIndianMountain rangeBoy
IyadIndianBig mountainBoy
JaelBiblicalMountain GoatGirl
JaelEnglishChamois; Ibex; ; Mountain GoatGirl
JaelHebrewMountain GoatBoy
JaelIndianChamois; Ibex; ; Mountain GoatGirl
KeaweaheuluHawaiianCool Breeze Over the MountainsBoy
KenyaEnglishMountain of the OstrichGirl
KenyaIndianMountain of the OstrichGirl
KohinoorIndianMountain of lightGirl
KohinoorIranian (Persian)Mountain of LightGirl
LindbergGermanFrom the linden tree mountainBoy
LindebergGermanFrom the linden tree mountainBoy
MainakIndianMountain; A Himalayan peakBoy
MainakIndianA mountain a Himalayan peakBoy
MalayIndianMountain; A garden of IndraBoy
MekhalaIndianSlope of a mountain; BeltGirl
MekhalaIndianGirdle; Slope of a mountain; BeltGirl
MeruIndianFamous mountain in Hindu mythology; High pointBoy
MontagueEnglishPointed mountainBoy
MontagueFrenchPointed MountainBoy
MontagueIndianPointed mountainBoy
MontaiguFrenchPointed MountainBoy
MonteEnglishPointed mountainBoy
MonteIndianPointed mountainBoy
MontgomeryFrenchRich man's mountainBoy
MontgomeryScottishRich Man's MountainBoy
NaganandiniIndianMountain bornGirl
NagendraIndianKing of the serpents; Lord of mountains (Himalaya)Boy
NaginderIndianLord of mountain; Lord ShivaBoy
NeelajaIndianRiver starting from blue mountain NeelparvatGirl
NeelajaIndianRiver starting from blue mountain - NeelparvatGirl
NilshikhaIndianBlue mountain topGirl
NilshikhaIndianBlue mountain's topGirl
NoufIndianHighest point on a mountainGirl
OdinaNative AmericanMountainGirl
OenoneLatinWine; Myth name of the mountain nymphGirl
OferHebrewYoung Fawn; Young MountainBoy
OfraHebrewYoung Fawn; Young MountainGirl
OphraHebrewYoung Fawn; Young MountainGirl
OphrahHebrewYoung Fawn; Young MountainUnisex
OprahEnglishYoung Fawn; Young MountainGirl
OprahHebrewYoung Fawn; Young MountainUnisex
OprahIndianYoung Fawn; Young MountainGirl
Orestes  (Ορέστης)GreekMountain bornBoy
Origen  (Ωριγένη)GreekMountain bornBoy
PalinurusLatinContrary wind; New mountainBoy
ParvateshwarIndianLord of mountain; HimalayaBoy
ParvateshwarIndianGod of mountains; HimalayaBoy
RadhwaIndianName of mountain in MedinaGirl
SalajIndianWater which flows from melted ice from mountainBoy
SalajIndianWater which flows from melted ice in mountainsBoy
SanagIndianA beautiful mountainBoy
SanagIndianBeautiful mountainBoy
SanjeevananagahatreIndianBearer of sanjeevini mountainBoy
ShailaIndianGoddess Parvati; Living in mountainGirl
ShailaIndianLiving in mountainGirl
ShailaIndianLiving in mountain; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ShailashaIndianGoddess Parvati; One who lives in the mountainGirl
ShailashaIndianParvati; One who lives in the mountainGirl
ShaildharIndianOne who holds mountainBoy
ShaildharIndianOne who holds mountain; Lord KrishnaBoy
ShailendraIndianKing of mountains; Himalaya; Lord ShivaBoy
ShailendraIndianKing of mountains; HimalayaBoy
ShaileshIndianGod of mountain; HimalayaBoy
ShaileshIndianKing of mountains; HimalayaBoy
ShaileshIndianLord of mountain; HimalayaBoy
ShaileshIndianLord of mountainsBoy
ShaileshIndianLord of mountains; Himalaya; Lord ShivaBoy
ShatteshIndianKing of mountainsBoy
ShikharIndianMountain PeakBoy
ShilendraIndianLord of mountainsBoy
ShilishIndianLord of mountainsBoy
ShilishIndianLord of mountainBoy
SierraEnglishMountain rangeGirl
SierraIndianMountain rangeGirl
TaborHebrewA Landmark Mountain near NazarethBoy
TochoNative AmericanMountain LionBoy
TunganathIndianLord of the mountainsBoy
TunganathIndianLord of mountainsBoy
TungeshwarIndianLord of mountainsBoy
TungeshwarIndianLord of the mountainsBoy
TzionHebrewSunny MountainBoy
YaelHebrewMountain GoatGirl
ZaltanaNative AmericanHigh MountainGirl

List of Surnames that means 'Mountain'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
BantaGaelic Hills; Mountains
BeaumontFrench Beautiful mountain
KaradagTurkey Black Mountain
MaruyamaJapan丸山Round Mountain
MontagueEnglish Pointed mountain
NakayamaJapan中山Middle Mountain
YamadaJapan山田Mountain Rice Field
YamaguchiJapan山口Mountain Mouth
YamamotoJapan山本Mountain True
YamasakiJapan山崎Mountain Cape
YamashitaJapan山下Mountain Below
YokoyamaJapan横山Side Mountain

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