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 Names meaning 'Red'

Name that means

Meaning:  Red

List of Names that means 'Red'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AaminaIndianSecured; SafeGirl
AaminahIndianSecured; SafeGirl
AarikaIndianAdmired for looksGirl
Abdul JaleelIndianServant of the great; ReveredBoy
Abdul-JaleelIndianServant of the great; ReveredBoy
AbhijeetIndianVictorious; One who has conquered; Lord KrishnaBoy
AbhijeetIndianVictorious; One who has conqueredBoy
AblaIndianFull figuredGirl
AdamBiblicalRed EarthBoy
AdamEnglishEarth; Man; RedBoy
AdamIndianEarth; Man; RedBoy
AdaminaEnglishEarth; Man; RedGirl
AdaminaIndianEarth; Man; RedGirl
AdamineEnglishEarth; Man; RedGirl
AdamineIndianEarth; Man; RedGirl
AdaminnaEnglishEarth; Man; RedGirl
AdaminnaIndianEarth; Man; RedGirl
AddamEnglishEarth; Man; RedBoy
AddamIndianEarth; Man; RedBoy
AdeebIndianA literary Person; cultured; civilizedBoy
AdeebaIndianA literary Person; cultured; civilizedGirl
AdibIndianCultured; CivilizedBoy
AdibaIndianCultured; CivilizedGirl
AdminaHebrewOf the Red EarthGirl
AdmonHebrewRed EarthBoy
AdokPolishRed EarthBoy
AdorabellaLatinAdored BeautyGirl
AdorabelleLatinAdored BeautyGirl
AfeerahIndianCovered with soil or dustGirl
AfferaArabianPink or Reddish-WhiteGirl
AffraArabianPink or Reddish-WhiteGirl
Afra  (عفرا)ArabianWhitish RedGirl
AfraIndianDust coloredGirl
AfraLatinPink; Reddish WhiteGirl
AhmadIndianPraiseworthy; Commendable; Highly adoredBoy
AhmarIndianRed coloredBoy
AhmedIndianPraiseworthy; Commendable; Highly adoredBoy
AileenScottishLight Bearer; Fair haired beauty; BirdGirl
AjitabhIndianOne who has conquered the skyBoy
AjitabhIndianVictor; One who has conquered the skyBoy
Akane  ()JapaneseBrilliant RedGirl
AkoEgyptianTired; WearyBoy
AkshataIndianRice; offered as a sacred substance during puja (worship)Girl
AkshataSanskritRice; offered as a sacred substance during puja (worship)Girl
AlhsomGermanSacred FameBoy
AltanTurkishRed DawnBoy
AmitojIndianWho is difficult to be concurredBoy
AmitojIndianOne who is difficult to be concurredBoy
AmmonEnglishKindred; TribalBoy
AmmonIndianKindred; TribalBoy
AnchitaIndianHonored; WorshippedGirl
AngarikaIndianFlame colored flower; Flame of the forestGirl
AngarikaIndianFlame colored flower; Palash; Flame of the forestGirl
AnkitIndianConquered; Signet; SymbolBoy
AnkitaIndianConquered; Signet; Symbol; Distinguished; Marked by the lord; DedicateGirl
AnkitaIndianConquered; A Signet; SymbolGirl
AnkitaIndianConquered; Signet; SymbolGirl
AnulaIndianNon wild; Gentle; Cultured; AgreeableGirl
AnulaIndianNon wild; Gentle; CulturedGirl
AparjitaIndianNever been conqueredGirl
AphraArabianPink or Reddish-WhiteGirl
ArabelEnglishPrayer answeredGirl
ArabelIndianPrayer answeredGirl
ArabelaEnglishPrayer answeredGirl
ArabelaIndianPrayer answeredGirl
ArabellEnglishPrayer answeredGirl
ArabellIndianPrayer answeredGirl
ArabellaItalianAnswered PrayerGirl
ArabelleFrenchAnswered PrayerGirl
ArghavanIndianReddish purpleGirl
ArghavanIranian (Persian)Redish PurpleGirl
AronFrenchLofty; InspiredBoy
AronHebrewLofty; InspiredBoy
ArunimaIndianGlow of dawn; Red glow of dawnGirl
ArushiIndianDawn; Red sky in the early morning; First ray of SunGirl
ArushiIndianDawn; Red sky in the early morning; First rays of the sunGirl
AryaIndianHonored; NobleBoy
AryaIndianHonored; Noble; Goddess Parvati; Goddess DurgaGirl
AryaIndianHonored; Noble; Beautiful goddess; From a high raceGirl
AsbaghIndianColored animal; Huge flood; DyerBoy
AshwatthamaIndianFiery; TemperedBoy
AshwatthamaIndianFiery temperedBoy
AsurakshayamkariIndianReducer of the number of demonsGirl
BahumanyaIndianHonored by manyBoy
BandanaIndianPrayer; Chant; Sacred; IlluminedGirl
BasantIndianSpring season; Yellow ColoredBoy
BasantaIndianSpring season; Yellow ColoredBoy
BasantiIndianSpring season; Yellow ColoredGirl
BayFrenchAuburn hairedBoy
BayardEnglishReddish brown; Bright bay colorBoy
BayardFrenchAuburn hairedBoy
BayardIndianReddish brown; Bright bay colorBoy
BaylenFrenchAuburn hairedBoy
BelIndianSacred wood Apple treeGirl
BelIndianSacred wood-apple treeGirl
BialasPolishWhite Haired BoyBoy
BialyPolishWhite HairedBoy
BilvaIndianA sacred leafBoy
BilvaIndianSacred leafBoy
BilvaIndianAuspicious Fruit - Bael; A sacred leafGirl
BilvaSanskritA sacred leafBoy
BilvaSanskritAuspicious Fruit - Bael; A sacred leafGirl
BilwaIndianAuspicious Fruit - Bael; A sacred leafGirl
BilwaSanskritAuspicious Fruit - Bael; A sacred leafGirl
BlazejCzech & SlovakStammered; Talks with a LispBoy
BlondellFrenchFair Haired; BlondeGirl
BlondelleFrenchFair Haired; BlondeGirl
BlondeneFrenchFair Haired; BlondeGirl
BoydScottishYellow; Yellow Haired; BlondBoy
BraithWelshDiversely coloredUnisex
BranEnglishBroom covered hill; RavenBoy
BranIndianBroom covered hill; RavenBoy
BrandenEnglishBroom covered hillBoy
BrandenIndianBroom covered hillBoy
BrandonEnglishBroom covered hillBoy
BrandonIndianBroom covered hillBoy
BrannonEnglishBroom covered hillBoy
BrannonIndianBroom covered hillBoy
BreninWelshGrey haired kingBoy
BroderickEnglishReddish brownBoy
BroderickIndianReddish brownBoy
BroderickWelshReddish brownBoy
BrunellaFrenchBrown; Dark hairedGirl
BrunelleFrenchBrown; Dark hairedBoy
BrunhildGermanDark warrior; Armored warrior womanGirl
BrunhildTeutonicArmored warrior womanGirl
BrunhildaGermanDark warrior; Armored warrior womanGirl
BrunhildeGermanDark warrior; Armored warrior womanGirl
BrunhildeTeutonicArmored warrior womanGirl
BrunildaItalianArmored Warrior WomanGirl
BrunildaSpanishArmored; Warrior womanGirl
BrunnhildeGermanDark warrior; Armored warrior womanGirl
BrychanWelshPied; Spotted; Speckled; Red and whiteBoy
BrynIndianStrong; Vigilant; HonoredGirl
BrynhildNorseArmored; Warrior womanGirl
BrynhildrNorseArmored; Warrior womanGirl
BurelFrenchReddish brown hairedBoy
BurnellFrenchReddish brown hairedBoy
CaesarLatinSevered; HairyBoy
CamarinNative AmericanSheltered; ProtectorGirl
CarnationEnglishComplexion; Fresh coloredGirl
CarnationFrenchFlesh ColoredGirl
CarnationIndianComplexion; Fresh coloredGirl
CassidyEnglishCurly hairedUnisex
CassidyIndianCurly hairedUnisex
CeriaSpanishCherry; Cherry RedGirl
CeriseFrenchCherry; Cherry RedGirl
CesaraSpanishLong HairedGirl
CetshwayoAfricanThe Slandered OneBoy
ChakorIndianA bird enamored of the moonBoy
ChakoriIndianA bird enamored of the moonGirl
ChakoriIndianA bird enamored of the moon; AlertGirl
ChaturbhujSanskritBroad shouldered; Strong; Lord VishnuBoy
CherryFrenchCherry RedGirl
CheyanneEnglishLittle red talkerUnisex
CheyanneIndianLittle red talkerUnisex
CheyenneEnglishLittle red talkerUnisex
CheyenneIndianLittle red talkerUnisex
Chin  (下巴)ChineseGold; Metal; Money; Embroidered; BrightUnisex
ChirtrangIndianWith Multicolored BodyBoy
ChirtrangIndianOne with multicolored bodyBoy
ClanceyEnglishRed warriorBoy
ClanceyIndianRed warriorBoy
ClancyEnglishRed warriorBoy
ClancyIndianRed warriorBoy
ColbeyFrenchDark; Dark hairedBoy
CornelioSpanishIvory coloredBoy
CorvinFrenchRaven HairedBoy
CrispianEnglishCurly hairedBoy
CrispianIndianCurly hairedBoy
CrispinEnglishCurly hairedBoy
CrispinIndianCurly hairedBoy
CrispinusLatinCurly hairedBoy
CrispusLatinCurly hairedBoy
DariushIndianGood natured; Name of Persian kingBoy
DariushIranian (Persian)Good Natured; Name of Persian KingBoy
DaryushIndianGood natured; Name of Persian kingBoy
DaryushIranian (Persian)Good Natured; Name of Persian KingBoy
DeargGermanRed HairedBoy
DebjitIndianOne who has conquered godsBoy
DebrajIndianOne who has conquered GodsBoy
DerryGermanRed HairedBoy
DesaraeFrenchDesired; Longed forGirl
DesareeFrenchDesired; Longed forGirl
DesdemonaEnglishIll starredGirl
DesdemonaIndianIll starredGirl
DesiSpanishDesired; Longing forBoy
DesideriaFrenchDesired; Longed forGirl
DesideriaSpanishDesired; Longing forGirl
DesiderioSpanishDesired; Longing forBoy
DesiraeFrenchDesired; Longed forGirl
DesiratFrenchDesired; Longed forGirl
DesireFrenchDesired; Longed forUnisex
DesireeFrenchDesired; Longed forGirl
DevinderpalIndianFostered by godBoy
DeziraeFrenchDesired; Longed forGirl
DezireeFrenchDesired; Longed forGirl
DhumalIndianPurple; Smoke coloredBoy
DidianeFrenchDesired; Longed forGirl
DidierFrenchDesired; Longed forBoy
DigambarIndianUnencumbered; Sky-clad; Naked; Lord ShivaBoy
DigambarSanskritUnencumbered; Sky-cladBoy
DigambaraIndianUnencumbered; Sky-clad; Naked; Lord ShivaBoy
DigambaraSanskritUnencumbered; Sky-cladBoy
DigamberIndianUnencumbered; Sky-clad; Naked; Lord ShivaBoy
EditonNative AmericanStanding as a sacred objectBoy
EdomIndianRed; Red earthBoy
ElianaHebrewGod has Answered MeGirl
ElianeHebrewGod has Answered MeGirl
ElluIndianSesame seed - considered sacredBoy
ElluIndianSesame seed - considered sacredBoy
ElluIndianSesame seed considered sacredBoy
EnnioItalianPredestined; Favorite of GodBoy
EnniusLatinPredestined; Favorite of GodBoy
EpictetusLatinNewly AcquiredBoy
Epiktetos  (Επίκτητος)GreekNewly AcquiredBoy
ErchanboldGermanSacred; BoldBoy
ErchanhardtGermanSacred; BoldBoy
EronSpanishLofty; InspiredBoy
FadiIndianSavior; RedeemerBoy
FadiaIndianSavior; RedeemerGirl
FaronEnglishArdent for peace; Journey preparedBoy
FaronIndianArdent for peace; Journey preparedBoy
FarranEnglishArdent for peace; Journey preparedBoy
FarranIndianArdent for peace; Journey preparedBoy
FerdEnglishArdent for peace; Journey preparedBoy
FerdIndianArdent for peace; Journey preparedBoy
FerdaCzech & SlovakPrepared JourneyBoy
FerdieEnglishArdent for peace; Journey preparedBoy
FerdieIndianArdent for peace; Journey preparedBoy
FerdinandaItalianJourney PreparedGirl
FerdinandoItalianJourney PreparedBoy
FerdyEnglishArdent for peace; Journey preparedBoy
FerdyIndianArdent for peace; Journey preparedBoy
FerdynandPolishPrepared JourneyBoy
FernanSpanishJourney Prepared; AdventurousBoy
FernandFrenchAdventurer; Journey preparedBoy
FernandaSpanishJourney Prepared; AdventurousGirl
FernandeFrenchAdventurer; Journey preparedGirl
FernandoSpanishJourney Prepared; AdventurousBoy
FernaoPortugueseJourney preparedBoy
FerrandFrenchAdventurer; Journey preparedBoy
FerrantFrenchAdventurer; Journey preparedBoy
FerraoPortugueseJourney preparedBoy
FidaIndianRedemption; SacrificeBoy
FidaaIndianRedemption; SacrificeBoy
FlanneryEnglishRed EyebrowsBoy
FlanneryIndianRed EyebrowsBoy
FlaviaItalianBlond; Fair HairedGirl
FlaviaPortugueseYellow hairedGirl
FlavianGreekBlond; Fair hairedBoy
FlavioItalianYellow Hair; Blond; Fair HairedBoy
FlavioPortugueseYellow hairedBoy
FlavioSpanishBlond; Yellow hairedBoy
FloydEnglishGray hairedBoy
FloydIndianGray hairedBoy
FloydWelshGray hairedBoy
FlynnEnglishRed; RuddyBoy
FlynnIndianRed; RuddyBoy
Fumiko  (文子)JapaneseChild Of Treasured BeautyGirl
Galatea  (Γαλάτεια)GreekIvory coloredGirl
GalenkaHebrewGod shall redeemGirl
GaliaHebrewGod shall redeemGirl
GalilaHebrewGod shall redeemGirl
GalilahHebrewGod shall redeemGirl
GalinaHebrewGod shall redeemGirl
GalliaHebrewGod shall redeemGirl
GalochkaHebrewGod shall redeemGirl
GalyaHebrewGod shall redeemGirl
GangaIndianSacred riverGirl
GangaIndianRiver Ganga; Sacred riverGirl
GangotriIndianSacred river of IndiaGirl
GarnetEnglishGarnet (the gem); Precious Stone; Red like a Pomegranate; Born in januaryUnisex
GarnetIndianGarnet (the gem); Precious Stone; Red like a Pomegranate; Born in januaryUnisex
GarnettEnglishGarnet (the gem); Precious Stone; Red like a Pomegranate; Born in januaryBoy
GarnettIndianGarnet (the gem); Precious Stone; Red like a Pomegranate; Born in januaryBoy
GarnetteEnglishGarnet (the gem); Precious Stone; Red like a Pomegranate; Born in januaryUnisex
GarnetteIndianGarnet (the gem); Precious Stone; Red like a Pomegranate; Born in januaryUnisex
GaurangaIndianFair; Cow coloredGirl
GaurangaSanskritFair complexioned; Golden-limbed; Having a white or yellowish body; Cow coloredBoy
GhodsiIndianHoly; Sacred; AngelGirl
GhodsiIranian (Persian)Holy; Sacred; AngelGirl
GodavariIndianRiver Godavari; Sacred river of IndiaGirl
GodavariIndianSacred riverGirl
GoliIndianRose colored; RosyGirl
GoliIranian (Persian)Rose Colored; RosyGirl
GorakhanathaIndianA famous medieval Hindu yogi; Mastered his sensesBoy
GorakhanathaSanskritA famous medieval Hindu yogi (saint); Mastered his sensesBoy
GorakhnathSanskritA famous medieval Hindu yogi (saint); Mastered his sensesBoy
GourangaSanskritFair complexioned; Golden-limbed; Having a white or yellowish body; Cow coloredBoy
GriceldaGermanGray; Gray hairedGirl
Gui  ()ChineseHonored; NobleBoy
GulalIndianRed colorBoy
GulalIndianColor redBoy
HanaelEnglishFavored of GodBoy
HanaelIndianFavored of GodBoy
HanielEnglishFavored of GodBoy
HanielIndianFavored of GodBoy
HannielEnglishFavored of GodBoy
HannielIndianFavored of GodBoy
HaridraIndianOne who is golden coloredBoy
HaridraIndianOne who is golden colouredBoy
HarijathaIndianFair hairedGirl
HarijathaIndianFair haired; BlondeGirl
HazeEnglishReddish brown; Hazel treeGirl
HazeIndianReddish brown; Hazel treeGirl
HazelEnglishReddish brown; Hazel treeGirl
HazelIndianReddish brown; Hazel treeGirl
HernanSpanishJourney Prepared; AdventurousBoy
HernandezSpanishJourney Prepared; AdventurousBoy
HernandoSpanishJourney Prepared; AdventurousBoy
HiraIndianSacred caveGirl
Hitoshi  ()JapaneseEven; Tempered; LevelBoy
Hongqi  (红旗)ChineseRed FlagBoy
HumayunIndianBlessed; Sacred; Royal; ImperialBoy
HurmatIndianChastity; SacredBoy
IndrayaniIndianName of sacred riverGirl
IndrayaniIndianName of a sacred riverGirl
IndrayaniIndianThe name of a sacred riverGirl
IniyavanIndianPleasant NaturedBoy
JalilIndianGreat; Revered; RespectableBoy
JaradhishamanaIndianRedeemer from afflictionsBoy
JaskaranIndianOne who will be remembered by his nameBoy
JaskaranIndianGood deeds; Will be remembered by his nameBoy
JatinderIndianOne who has conquered the five evilsBoy
JunoniusLatinSacred to JunoBoy
KachinaNative AmericanPretty Doll; Sacred Dancer; SpiritGirl
KaiserGermanKing; Long hairedBoy
KalashIndianSacred potBoy
KapilaIndianYellowish brown colouredBoy
KapilaIndianCelestial cow; Sacred cowGirl
KapilaIndianSacred cowGirl
KassidyEnglishCurly hairedUnisex
KassidyIndianCurly hairedUnisex
KeilanaHawaiianAdored OneGirl
KennedyScottishArmored headUnisex
KeraniIndianSacred bellsGirl
KetakiIndianCream colored flowerGirl
KetakiIndianA cream colored flowerGirl
KilchiiNative AmericanRed BoyBoy
KingshukIndianA bright red flowerBoy
KornelPolishIvory Colored; HornBoy
KorneliPolishIvory Colored; HornBoy
KorneliuszPolishIvory Colored; HornBoy
KorneljaPolishIvory Colored; HornGirl
KornoliaPolishIvory Colored; HornGirl
KritikIndianWell starredBoy
KritikaIndianWell starredBoy
KumkumIndianVermilion; Sacred powder (red)Girl
KumkumIndianSacred powder; Red; VermilionGirl
KumkumIndianSacred powder; VermillionGirl
KushIndianSacred grass; Son of lord RamaBoy
KushIndianSacred grassBoy
KushIndianSon of lord Rama; Sacred grassBoy
La RowFrenchRed hairedGirl
LaalIndianLovely; Beloved; Dear one; Red colorBoy
LaalSanskritLovely; Beloved; Dear one; Red colorBoy
LakhbirIndianAs brave as a hundred thousandBoy
LalIndianLovely; Beloved; Dear one; Red colorBoy
LalSanskritLovely; Beloved; Dear one; Red colorBoy
LalchandIndianRed MoonBoy
LalchandraIndianRed MoonBoy
LalimaIndianBeauty; Morning red in the skyGirl
LalimaIndianMorning red in the skyGirl
LambakarnaIndianLarge eared LordBoy
LarueFrenchThe red haired oneBoy
LeaHebrewTired; WearyGirl
LeaSpanishTired; WearyGirl
LeahBiblicalTired; WearyGirl
LeahHebrewTired; WearyGirl
LerouxFrenchThe red haired oneBoy
LloydEnglishGray hairedBoy
LloydIndianGray hairedBoy
LloydScottishGray hairedBoy
LloydWelshGray hairedBoy
LohiniIndianRed skinnedGirl
LohitIndianRed; Made of Copper; Mars; Bramhaputra riverBoy
LohitIndianRed; Made of copper; MarsBoy
LohitIndianRed; Made of copper; MarsBoy
LohitaIndianRed; RubyGirl
LohitaIndianRed; RubyGirl
LohitashwaIndianOne with red horse; FireBoy
LohitashwaIndianOne with red horse; FireBoy
LohitashwaIndianOne with red horse; Fire; Lord ShivaBoy
LokelaniHawaiianSmall Red RoseGirl
LootahNative AmericanRedBoy
LoydEnglishGray hairedBoy
LoydIndianGray hairedBoy
LoydWelshRay hairedBoy
MadaniyahIndianCivilized; CulturedGirl
MaitlandEnglishBad TemperedBoy
MaitlandIndianBad TemperedBoy
ManajithIndianOne who conquered the mindBoy
MangaiIndianCultured ladyGirl
ManikIndianRuby; Gem stone; Light pink to blood red gemstoneBoy
ManikSanskritA light pink to blood red gemstoneBoy
ManikyaIndianA light pink to blood red gemstoneBoy
ManikyaSanskritA light pink to blood red gemstoneBoy
ManisiIndianDesired by heartGirl
MarviIndianBeauty redefinedGirl
Mayoora PichhavalayaIndianWearer of peacock feathered banglesGirl
MayurIndianThe lord who has a peacock feathered crestBoy
MeoquaneeNative AmericanWears RedGirl
Miltiades  (Μιλτιάδης)GreekRed EarthBoy
MirabellaFrenchIncredibly beautifulGirl
MirabelleFrenchIncredibly beautifulGirl
MitanshuIndianBordered; Friendly elementBoy
MiyaJapaneseSacred HouseGirl
Momoe  (百恵)JapaneseHundred Blessings; Hundred RiversGirl
MouliIndianSacred threadGirl
MrityunjayIndianLord Shiva; One who has conquered deathBoy
MrudulaIndianSoft naturedGirl
MruthulaIndianSoft naturedGirl
Mufaddal  (مفضّل)ArabianPreferredBoy
MufaddalIndianOne who is preferredBoy
MukarramIndianRespected; HonoredBoy
MusadIndianUnfettered camelBoy
MusharrafIndianOne who is honored; ExaltedBoy
NandyEnglishArdent for peace; Journey preparedBoy
NandyIndianArdent for peace; Journey preparedBoy
NangaiIndianCultured ladyGirl
NeeharikaIndianDew drop; Admired for looksGirl
NelekPolishIvory Colored; HornBoy
NiharikaIndianNebula; A girl who is admired by looking itselfGirl
NiharikaIndianNebula; Admired for looksGirl
NiharikaIndianThe girl who is admired by looking itselfGirl
NikitaIndianVictorious; Unconquered; Earth; GangesGirl
NikitaSanskritVictorious; Unconquered; Earth; GangesGirl
NildaItalianArmored Warrior WomanGirl
NildaSpanishArmored; Warrior womanGirl
NinghongChineseTranquil RedGirl
NithaIndianCarried; RedGirl
NiveditaIndianOffered to god; One dedicated to service; SurrenderedGirl
NiveditaIndianDedicated to service; Surrendered; Offered to GodGirl
NiveditaIndianOffered to god; SurrenderedGirl
OferEnglishGold; Reducing to ashesBoy
OferIndianGold; Reducing to ashesBoy
OfirEnglishGold; Reducing to ashesBoy
OfirIndianGold; Reducing to ashesBoy
OgaleeshaNative AmericanWears RedBoy
OgleeshaNative AmericanRed SkirtBoy
OkiJapaneseOcean CenteredGirl
OlufunkeAfricanGod Has Cared ForUnisex
OmIndianThe sacred syllableBoy
OmIndianSacred syllableBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Red'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AbendrothGerman Red evening
AcksheughEnglish Hilly land covered with Oaks
AdeeEnglish Earth; Red; Red Earth
AdnetFrench Earth; Red
AdnotFrench Earth; Red
AshburtonEnglish Town on the hill covered with Ash trees
AskewEnglish Hilly land covered with Oaks
BrandonEnglish Broom covered hill
BroderickEnglish Reddish brown
CassidyEnglish Curly haired
CassidyGaelic Curly haired
ClancyEnglish Son of Flannchadh; Red Warrior
ClancyIrish Son of Flannchadh; Red Warrior
DunnEnglish Dark Colored
FlanneryEnglish Descendant of Flannabhra; Red eyebrow
FlanneryIrish Descendant of Flannabhra; Red eyebrow
FlynnEnglish Descendant of Flann; Red; Ruddy
FlynnIrish Descendant of Flann; Red; Ruddy
GilroyEnglish Son of the Ruadh; Red
GilroyIrish Son of the Ruadh; Red
GrayEnglish Grey Haired
LloydWelsh Gray Haired
MaitlandEnglish Bad tempered
MaitlandScottish Bad tempered
RadcliffEnglish Red Cliff
RadleyEnglish Red meadow
RaleighEnglish Red meadow
ReadEnglish Red; Red haired
RipleyEnglish Cleared strip of land
RowanEnglish Red One
RowanIrish Red One
RudyardEnglish Red paddock; Red yard
RussellEnglish Red one
WinchcombeEnglish Cornered Valley
WitheringtonEnglish Withered Hill
WooderingtonEnglish Withered Hill

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