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 Names meaning 'Ring'

Name that means

Meaning:  Ring

List of Names that means 'Ring'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AaliyaIndianHigh; Tall; Towering; ExcellentGirl
AaliyahIndianTall; ToweringGirl
AamaniIndianSpring season (vasanth ritu)Girl
AamaniIndianSpring season; vasanth rituGirl
AamaniIndianSpring season (vasant ritu)Girl
AaranEnglishLight BringerBoy
AaranIndianLight BringerBoy
AarenEnglishHigh mountain; Light bringerUnisex
AarenIndianHigh mountain; Light bringerUnisex
AaronEnglishLight BringerBoy
AaronIndianExalted on high; Light BringerBoy
AarronEnglishLight BringerBoy
AarronIndianExalted on high; Light BringerBoy
Abd Al SamiArabianServant of all HearingBoy
Abdul HaleemIndianServant of the forbearing OneBoy
Abdus SaburIndianSlave of the forbearingBoy
Abdus SameeiIndianServant of the all hearingBoy
Abdus SamiIndianSlave of the all hearingBoy
AbhibhavaIndianOver powering; Powerful; VictoriousBoy
AbhibhavaIndianOverpowering; Powerful; VictoriousBoy
AbidemiAfricanBorn During Father's AbsenceBoy
AbjitIndianConquering WaterBoy
AcheflourEnglishSuffering FlowerGirl
AcheflourIndianSuffering FlowerGirl
AdventFrenchBorn during adventBoy
AkalsimarIndianOne remembering the eternal godBoy
AketchAfricanBorn During a FamineGirl
AkshataIndianRice; offered as a sacred substance during puja (worship)Girl
AkshataSanskritRice; offered as a sacred substance during puja (worship)Girl
Al Halim (الحليم)IndianThe Forbearing
AmaniIndianSpring season (vasanth ritu)Girl
AmaniIndianSpring season (vasanth ritu); Wishes; AspirationsGirl
AmaniIndianWishes; Aspirations; Spring season (vasanth ritu)Girl
AmoghIndianLord Ganesh; UnerringBoy
AnaamikaIndianRing FingerGirl
AnamikaIndianRing Finger; One without nameGirl
AnamikaIndianRing fingerGirl
AnhurEgyptianSky Bearer; Or Brings Back the Distant OneBoy
AprilEnglishApril; Opening of flowers in springGirl
AprilIndianApril; Opening of flowers in springGirl
ArdathHebrewFlowering Field; Garden of flower'sGirl
ArghyaIndianOffering to the lordBoy
ArghyaIndianValuable; Offering to the lordBoy
ArghyaIndianOffering to the lord; Floral tribute to godGirl
AridathaHebrewFlowering Field; Garden of flower'sGirl
ArijitIndianConquering Enemies; Son of Krishna and SubhadraBoy
ArijitIndianConquering enemies; Son of lord Krishna and SubhadraBoy
ArinEnglishLight Bringer; PeaceBoy
ArinIndianIreland; Light Bringer; PeaceGirl
ArionaIndianBringer of lifeGirl
ArranEnglishLight BringerBoy
ArranIndianLight BringerBoy
ArronEnglishLight BringerBoy
ArronIndianLight BringerBoy
ArrynEnglishLight BringerBoy
ArrynIndianLight BringerBoy
AshitIndianLord of the Rings (Saturn)Boy
AshitIndianLord of the rings - SaturnBoy
AshitIndianLord of the rings; SaturnBoy
AventFrenchBorn during adventBoy
AyaazIndianRespected and enduringBoy
AyazIndianRespected and enduringBoy
AzamIndianPowerful one; OffspringBoy
BadruEgyptianBorn during the Full MoonBoy
BahameenIranian (Persian)SpringGirl
BahaminIranian (Persian)SpringGirl
BaharIndianSpring; Prime of life; Bloom; YouthGirl
BaharIranian (Persian)SpringGirl
BaharakIranian (Persian)SpringGirl
BaharehIndianBringer of spring; Sprint flowerGirl
BaharehIranian (Persian)Bringer of Spring; Sprint FlowerGirl
BakhtawarIndianOne who brings good luckBoy
BasantIndianSeason of springBoy
BasantIndianSpring season; Yellow ColoredBoy
BasantIndianSpring seasonBoy
BasantaIndianSpring season; Yellow ColoredBoy
BasantiIndianSpring season; Yellow ColoredGirl
BashaarIndianBringer of good tidingsBoy
BasheeraIndianBringer of good tidingsGirl
BashirIndianBringer of good things
BashirahIndianBringer of good tidings; JoyGirl
BashsharArabianBrings Good NewsBoy
BearnasScottishBringer of victory; VictoriousGirl
BeatriceItalianVoyager; She Who Brings HappinessGirl
BeatrisaSpanishShe who brings happinessGirl
BellonaLatinGoddess of war; War bearingGirl
BereniceBiblicalWho Brings the VictoryGirl
BereniceEnglishBringer of victoryGirl
BereniceFrenchBringer of victoryGirl
BereniceIndianBringer of victoryGirl
BereniceLatinBringer of victoryGirl
BerenikeGreekBringer of victoryGirl
BernettaEnglishBringer of victoryGirl
BernettaIndianBringer of victoryGirl
BerniceEnglishBringer of victoryGirl
BerniceFrenchOne who brings victoryGirl
BerniceIndianBringer of victoryGirl
BerniceLatinBringer of victoryGirl
BernieceEnglishBringer of victoryGirl
BernieceIndianBringer of victoryGirl
BernissFrenchOne who brings victoryGirl
BernyceFrenchOne who brings victoryGirl
BesEgyptianBrings Joy; CheerfulBoy
BlossomEnglishFlowers on a fruit tree; Blooming; FloweringGirl
BlossomIndianFlowers on a fruit tree; Blooming; FloweringGirl
BodilScandinavianBettering in battle; Compensation for battleGirl
BotildaLatinBettering in battle; ; Compensation for battleGirl
BrandeisGermanDwells on a burned clearingBoy
BunnyEnglishBringer of victoryGirl
BunnyIndianBringer of victoryGirl
CenckCzech & SlovakConqueringBoy
CenekCzech & SlovakConqueringBoy
Chiharu  (千春)JapaneseOne Thousand SpringsGirl
Choon HeeKoreanSpring GirlGirl
Chun  ()ChineseSpringUnisex
Chunhua  (春华)ChineseSpring Flower; Flourishing SpringGirl
Chuntao  (春桃)ChineseSpring PeachGirl
ClematisEnglishBranch; Brushwood; Flowering vineGirl
ClematisIndianBranch; Brushwood; Flowering vineGirl
CrescenciaSpanishTo Spring Up; Grow; ThriveGirl
CrescentiaLatinSpring up; Grow; ThriveGirl
CrescentiusLatinSpring up; Grow; ThriveBoy
CrescenzoItalianTo Spring Up; Grow; ThriveBoy
CsengeHungarianTo Ring; to ClangGirl
DaleyEnglishAssembly; GatheringBoy
DaleyIndianAssembly; GatheringBoy
DalyEnglishAssembly; GatheringBoy
DalyIndianAssembly; GatheringBoy
DannoJapaneseField Gathering SurnameBoy
DanteItalianEnduring; SteadfastBoy
DaraEnglishBrave; DaringGirl
DaraIndianBrave; DaringGirl
DeepanjaliIndianOffering by lighting lamps in worshipGirl
DeepikanjaliIndianHonoring with row of lightsGirl
DevarpanaIndianOfferings to the godsBoy
DhanaliIndianOne who brings wealthGirl
DharaniIndianBearing; EarthGirl
DharaniSanskritBearing; The earthGirl
DianIndonesianCandle; Brightener; Oil Lamp; One Who Brings FortuneGirl
DorriIndianSparkling star glittering like a gemGirl
DorriIranian (Persian)Sparkling Star Glittering like a GemGirl
DrystanWelshForever king; Bold; Daring; Rash; AudaciousBoy
DuranFrenchFirm; EnduringBoy
DurandFrenchFirm; EnduringBoy
DurantFrenchFirm; EnduringBoy
DuranteFrenchFirm; EnduringBoy
DurrantFrenchFirm; EnduringBoy
DustuNative AmericanSpring FrogBoy
EkavaliIndianSingle stringGirl
ElsuNative AmericanSoaring FalconBoy
EshaanIndianDesiring and wishingBoy
EshanIndianDesiring and wishingBoy
EthanFrenchSolid; EnduringBoy
Evangelia  (Ευαγγελία)GreekBringer of good newsGirl
EvangelineGreekBringer of good newsGirl
EvaniaGreekBringer of good newsGirl
EveleenIndianBringer of light; Lively; UnselfishGirl
FarleyEnglishFern ClearingUnisex
FarleyIndianFern ClearingUnisex
FatinahIndianCaptivating; Alluring; IntelligentGirl
FerdinandFrenchDaring; BraveBoy
FloraEnglishFlower; Goddess of flowers and springGirl
FloraIndianFlower; Goddess of flowers and springGirl
FloreEnglishFlower; Goddess of flowers and springGirl
FloreIndianFlower; Goddess of flowers and springGirl
FlorekPolishBlooming; FloweringBoy
FlorenciaSpanishBlooming; FloweringGirl
FlorentinaSpanishBlooming; FloweringGirl
FlorentinoSpanishBlooming; FloweringBoy
FlorentynPolishBlooming; FloweringBoy
FlorentynaPolishBlooming; FloweringGirl
FlorenzaItalianBlooming; FloweringGirl
FlorianFrenchBlooming; FloweringBoy
FlorianaFrenchBlooming; FloweringGirl
FloridaFrenchBlooming; FloweringGirl
FloridaSpanishBlooming; FloweringGirl
FlorindaFrenchBlooming; FloweringGirl
FloriniaSpanishBlooming; FloweringGirl
FlorinioSpanishBlooming; FloweringBoy
FloritaSpanishBlooming; FloweringGirl
GalileeEnglishRolling; Turning; Circuit; Region; RingBoy
GalileeIndianRolling; Turning; Circuit; Region; RingBoy
GandharikaIndianPreparing perfumeGirl
GeetanjaliIndianCollection of poems or songs; Presenting songs as an offeringGirl
GeetanjaliSanskritCollection of poems or songs; Presenting songs as an offeringGirl
GhashiahIndian88th Surah of the holy Quran; Covering; AttendantBoy
GhislainEnglishPledge; Hostage; Noble offspringGirl
GhislainIndianPledge; Hostage; Noble offspringGirl
GhislaineEnglishPledge; Hostage; Noble offspringGirl
GhislaineIndianPledge; Hostage; Noble offspringGirl
GitanjaliIndianAn offering of songsGirl
GitanjaliIndianMelodious tribute; An offering of songsGirl
GitanjaliIndianCollection of poems or songs; Offering of songs; Melodious tributeGirl
GitanjaliIndianOffering of songsGirl
GitanjaliSanskritCollection of poems or songs; Presenting songs as an offeringGirl
GoelbaharTurkishSpring RoseBoy
GolbaharIndianSpring flowerGirl
GolbaharIranian (Persian)Spring FlowerGirl
GuendolenEnglishWhite ringGirl
GuendolenIndianWhite ringGirl
GuendolenWelshWhite ringGirl
GulbaharIndianSpring roseGirl
GulbaharIranian (Persian)Spring RoseGirl
GursimanIndianRemembering the guruBoy
GwendolenEnglishWhite Bow; White RingGirl
GwendolenIndianWhite Bow; White RingGirl
GwendolenWelshWhite bow; White ringGirl
GwendolineEnglishWhite ringGirl
GwendolineIndianWhite ringGirl
GwendolineWelshWhite bow; White ringGirl
GwendolynWelshWhite bow; White ringGirl
Hafsa  (حفصة)ArabianGatheringGirl
HajiEgyptianBorn during a Pilgrimage; One who performed HajjBoy
HarmonHebrewName of a place during biblical periodBoy
HarshiIndianJoyful; One who brings happinessGirl
HarshitIndianJoyful; One who brings happinessBoy
HarshitaIndianJoyful; One who brings happinessGirl
HarsimranIndianRemembering godBoy
Haru  ()JapaneseSpringUnisex
Haruka  (春花)JapaneseSpring FlowerGirl
Haruki  (陽輝)JapaneseShining Sun; Springtime TreeBoy
Haruko  (はるこ)JapaneseSpringtime ChildGirl
Harumi  (春美)JapaneseSpringtime BeautyGirl
Haruna  (春菜)JapaneseSpring VegetablesGirl
Haruo  (春男)JapaneseSpringtime ManBoy
HavihIndianOblation; Offerings.Boy
HavihIndianOblation; OfferingsBoy
HeeradIndianAppearing fresh and healthyBoy
HeeradIranian (Persian)Appearing fresh and healthyBoy
HiradIndianAppearing fresh and healthyBoy
HiradIranian (Persian)Appearing fresh and healthyBoy
HuldaGermanEnduring; Lovable; BelovedGirl
HuldeGermanEnduring; Lovable; BelovedGirl
IdunnrNorseGoddess of springGirl
IlavenilIndianSpring; YouthfulGirl
Ini HeritEgyptianHe who Brings Back the Distant OneBoy
Ini-HeritEgyptianHe who Brings Back the Distant OneBoy
IssacharEnglishHe brings wagesBoy
IssacharIndianHe brings wagesBoy
ItaiEnglishNeighboring; With meBoy
ItaiIndianNeighboring; With meBoy
IthaiEnglishNeighboring; With meBoy
IthaiIndianNeighboring; With meBoy
IzumiIndianSpring (water spring)Girl
IzumiIndianWater springGirl
Izumi  ()JapaneseSpring; FountainGirl
JagadayuIndianLife spring of the universeBoy
JalenEnglishMurmuring; TarryingBoy
JalenIndianMurmuring; TarryingBoy
JanujaIndianFemale offspringGirl
JapanIndianMuttering prayersBoy
JardaCzech & SlovakGlory of SpringBoy
JarekCzech & SlovakSpringBoy
JarkaCzech & SlovakSpringGirl
JarmilCzech & SlovakSpring FavorBoy
JarmilaCzech & SlovakSpring FavorGirl
JaromarPolishSpring PeaceBoy
JaromilCzech & SlovakBorn In SpringBoy
JaromilPolishBorn in SpringBoy
JaromirCzech & SlovakFamous SpringBoy
JaropelkPolishSpring PeopleBoy
JaroslavCzech & SlovakSpring GloryBoy
JaroslavaCzech & SlovakSpring GloryGirl
JaroslawPolishGlory of SpringBoy
JaroslawaPolishGlory of SpringGirl
JasmineIndianName of a flowering plantBoy
JayadIndianOne who brings victoryBoy
JayapradaIndianOne who brings victoryGirl
JaylenEnglishMurmuring; TarryingBoy
JaylenIndianMurmuring; TarryingBoy
JaylinEnglishMurmuring; TarryingBoy
JaylinIndianMurmuring; TarryingBoy
JaylonEnglishMurmuring; TarryingBoy
JaylonIndianMurmuring; TarryingBoy
JaylynEnglishMurmuring; TarryingBoy
JaylynIndianMurmuring; TarryingBoy
JharnaIndianSpring; Stream (stream of water)Girl
JharnaIndianSpring (water spring)Girl
JharnaIndianSpring (water spring); StreamGirl
JingguoChineseAdministering the StateBoy
JubairIndianCounsels; Brings togetherBoy
KadirArabianSpring GreenBoy
KaralaIndianDurga; Opening wide; TearingGirl
KaralaIndianGoddess Durga; Opening wide; TearingGirl
KareefArabianBorn During AutumnBoy
KarifArabianBorn During AutumnBoy
KarnabhushanIndianEar Ring; Ear OrnamentBoy
KelbyGermanFarm by the springBoy
KeldaNorseFountain; Spring; WellGirl
KintanIndianWearing a crownBoy
KotijitIndianConquering millionsBoy
KreszentiaGermanSpring up; Grow; ThriveGirl
KreszenzGermanSpring up; Grow; ThriveGirl
KulbhooshanIndianBrings honor to the familyBoy
KusumakarIndianGarden; Spring SeasonBoy
KusumanjaliIndianFlower offeringGirl
KusumlataIndianFlowering creeperGirl
La VergneFrenchBorn in the springGirl
La VerneFrenchBorn in the springGirl
LabangalataIndianFlowering creeperGirl
LabangalataIndianA Flowering CreeperGirl
LavernLatinSpring LikeUnisex
LavernaLatinSpring like; To be verdantGirl
LaverneLatinSpring like; To be verdantUnisex
Lia  (Λία)GreekBringer of good newsGirl
LiaItalianWeary; Bringer of Good NewsGirl
LiaSpanishBringer of good newsGirl
LilacEnglishA Flowering bushGirl
LilacIndianA Flowering bushGirl
LinaItalianBringer of Good NewsGirl
Litsa  (Λίτσα)GreekBringer of good newsGirl
LiuzPolishBringer of Light; ProsperousBoy
LooshaPolishBringer of Light; ProsperousBoy
LoreleiGermanMurmuring RockGirl
LoreleyGermanMurmuring RockGirl
LotusEnglishCovering; Veil; A flower name; Symbol of prosperityGirl
LotusIndianCovering; Veil; A flower name; Symbol of prosperityGirl
Loukas  (Λουκάς)GreekBringer of lightBoy
LucFrenchBringer of lightBoy
LucaItalianBringer of LightBoy
LucaisGreekBringer of lightBoy
LucasSpanishBringer of LightBoy
LuceFrenchBringer of lightGirl
LucenaSpanishBringer of LightGirl
LuceroSpanishBringer of LightBoy
LucetteFrenchBringer of lightGirl
Lucia  (Λουκία)GreekBringer of lightGirl
LuciaItalianBringer of LightGirl
LuciaSpanishBringer of LightGirl
LucianFrenchBringer of lightBoy
Lucian  (Λουκιανός)GreekBringer of lightBoy
LucianoItalianBringer of LightBoy
LucianoSpanishBringer of LightBoy
LucieFrenchBringer of lightGirl
LucienFrenchBringer of lightBoy
LucienneFrenchBringer of lightGirl
LuciferLatinDawn bringer; Light bringerBoy
LuciferusLatinDawn bringer; Light bringerBoy
LucilaSpanishBringer of LightBoy
LucileFrenchBringer of lightGirl
LucinaGermanBringer of LightGirl
LucioSpanishBringer of LightBoy
LucitaSpanishBringer of LightGirl
LucjaPolishBringer of Light; ProsperousGirl
LucjanPolishBringer of Light; ProsperousBoy
LucjuszPolishBringer of Light; ProsperousBoy
LucynaPolishBringer of Light; ProsperousGirl
LuczaHungarianBringer of LightGirl
LukaczHungarianBringer of LightBoy
LukasGreekBringer of lightBoy
LukeBiblicalBringer of LightBoy
LukianosGreekBringer of lightBoy
LulezimAlbanianBlooming; FloweringBoy
MaayanHebrewSpring of water; Small streamUnisex
MadhaviIndianHoney; Creeper with beautiful flowers; Spring timeGirl
MadhaviIndianHoney; A creeper with beautiful flowers; Spring timeGirl
MadhaviIndianCreeper with beautiful flowers; SpringtimeGirl
MadhaviIndianCreeper with beautiful flowers; Spring timeGirl
MadhavilataIndianFlowering creeperGirl
MadhavilataIndianA Flowering creeperGirl
MadhumalatiIndianA Flowering creeperGirl
MadhumalatiIndianFlowering creeperGirl
MadhushreeIndianBeauty; Of springGirl
MadhushriIndianSpring; Beauty of springGirl
MagnoliaEnglishA Flowering treeGirl
MagnoliaFrenchFlowering TreeGirl
MagnoliaIndianA Flowering treeGirl
MahalathEnglishStringed InstrumentGirl
MahalathIndianStringed InstrumentGirl
MairaIndianBringer of bad newsGirl
MakaweeNative AmericanMothering; Earth Maiden; GenerousGirl
MalaIndianGarland; String of flowers or pearlGirl
MalaIndianString; Garland; NecklaceGirl
ManasyuIndianWishing; DesiringBoy
ManimalaIndianString of pearlsGirl
MaralahNative AmericanBorn during an earthquakeGirl
MasikaEgyptianBorn during RainGirl
MaxwellScottishDweller by the SpringBoy
MehrzadIndianOffspring of the sunBoy
MehrzadIranian (Persian)The Offspring of the SunBoy
MelaIndianReligious gatheringGirl
MilikaIndianDesiring unionGirl
Mitrofan  (Митрофан)RussianMother AppearingBoy
Miwa  (美和)JapaneseBeautiful Hamony; Peace; Three RingsGirl
MohiniIndianVery Beautiful; Bewitching; Mastering; EnchantressGirl
MubashirahIndianBringer of good newsGirl
MukantagaraEgyptianBorn during WarGirl
MunaNative AmericanOverflowing SpringGirl
MurgatroydEnglishThe clearing belonging to MargaretBoy
MurgatroydIndianThe clearing belonging to MargaretBoy
MyrtieEnglishFlowering Shrub; Tree; Little MyrtleGirl
MyrtieIndianFlowering Shrub; Tree; Little MyrtleGirl
MyrtleEnglishFlowering Shrub; Tree; Little MyrtleGirl
MyrtleIndianFlowering Shrub; Tree; Little MyrtleGirl
NafretitiEgyptianShe Brings BeautyGirl
NafriniEgyptianShe Brings BeautyGirl
NahorEnglishSnoring; SnortingBoy
NahorIndianSnoring; SnortingBoy
NairaIndianShinning; GlitteringGirl
NandanIndianPleasing; Son; One who brings happinessBoy
NandiniIndianDaughter; One Who Brings Joy; Ganga; Goddess DurgaGirl
NarmadIndianBringer of delightBoy
NarmadIndianBringing delightBoy
NashaAfricanBorn During Rainy SeasonGirl
NashashukNative AmericanThunderingBoy
NavashenIndianOne who brings hopeBoy
NavashenIndianThe one who brings hopeBoy
NegeenIndianPrecious Stone; Ring; JewelryGirl
NegeenIranian (Persian)The Precious Stone; Ring; JewleryGirl
NeginIndianPrecious Stone; Ring; JewelryGirl
NeginIranian (Persian)The Precious Stone; Ring; JewleryGirl
Nika  (Ника)RussianBringer of Victory; VictoriousGirl
NiyazIndianDedication; OfferingBoy
NuruEgyptianBorn during DayUnisex
OdelettaFrenchLittle SpringGirl
OdeletteFrenchLittle SpringGirl
OlabisiEgyptianBrings Joy; CheerfulGirl
OlukayodeAfricanGod Brings HappinessBoy
OnurisEgyptianBrings Back the Distant OneBoy
PalashIndianFlowering; TreeBoy
PalashIndianA FloweringBoy
PaniwiEgyptianThe BringerGirl
ParamonimosGreekConstant; EnduringBoy
ParamonosGreekConstant; EnduringBoy
ParamonusLatinConstant; EnduringBoy
PegasusLatinBorn near the Pege (Source of the Ocean; Spring; Well)Boy
PeijingChineseAdmiring LuxurianceGirl
PeizhiChineseAdmiring IrisGirl
PhanesLatinBring to light; AppearBoy
PherenikeGreekBringer of victoryGirl
PihuIndianChattering of birdBoy
PosalaNative AmericanFarewell to Spring flowersGirl
PrajitIndianConquering; WinningBoy
PrajitIndianConquering; DefeatingBoy
PrasadIndianDevotional offeringBoy
PrasadIndianDevotional offering; Offering to god during poojaBoy
PrasadIndianOffering to god during poojaBoy
PrasadIndianBrightness; Blessing; Offering to god during poojaBoy
PrinakaIndianOne who brings heaven to earthGirl

List of Surnames that means 'Ring'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AaronEnglish Light Bringer
EllrodtGerman Wood clearing at the water
ElrodEnglish Wood clearing at the water
MurgatroydEnglish The clearing belonging to margaret
OrmerodEnglish Ormarr's clearing
OrmerodNorse Ormarr's clearing
ShelleyEnglish Clearing near a slope
ThorleyEnglish Thorn Clearing
WaltonEnglish Spring Settlement
WeldonEnglish Spring Hill
WhitingEnglish White Offspring
WilburnEnglish Bubbling spring water

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