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 Names by Planet (find page-links at the bottom of page)  
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 Name Of Planet Meaning Gender
CandyMercury (Buddh)SweetGirl
CanoaiMercury (Buddh)Heart and soulUnisex
ChaayaMercury (Buddh)ShadowGirl
ChahelJupiter (Guru)Good cheerBoy
ChahnaJupiter (Guru)LoveGirl
ChainJupiter (Guru)PeaceBoy
ChaitaliJupiter (Guru)A season, Born in the Chaitra monthGirl
ChaitanyaJupiter (Guru)Famous sageBoy
ChaitnaJupiter (Guru)Sunflower seedGirl
ChakoriJupiter (Guru)AlertGirl
ChakradevJupiter (Guru)Lord VishnuBoy
ChakradharJupiter (Guru)Lord VishnuBoy
ChakrikaJupiter (Guru)LaxmiGirl
ChakshanJupiter (Guru) Boy
ChalamaJupiter (Guru)Goddess ParvatiGirl
ChamanJupiter (Guru)GardenGirl
ChameliJupiter (Guru)A flowerGirl
ChampaJupiter (Guru)A flowerGirl
ChampakJupiter (Guru)FlowerBoy
ChanakyaJupiter (Guru)BrightBoy
ChanchalJupiter (Guru)ActiveGirl
ChandanJupiter (Guru)SandalwoodUnisex
ChandaniJupiter (Guru)Moon lightGirl
ChandiJupiter (Guru)Great goddessGirl
ChandikaJupiter (Guru)Goddess DurgaGirl
ChandniMercury (Buddh)Moon lightGirl
ChandraJupiter (Guru)Moon, Hindu goddess of moon and starsGirl
ChandraguptJupiter (Guru) Boy
ChandrakalaJupiter (Guru) Girl
ChandralekhaJupiter (Guru)Ray of the moonGirl
ChandramouliJupiter (Guru)Moon as crown, Lord ShivaBoy
ChandranJupiter (Guru)MoonBoy
ChandrasenJupiter (Guru) Boy
ChandrashekarJupiter (Guru)Lord ShivaBoy
ChandreshJupiter (Guru)Lord Shiva, MoonBoy
ChandrikaJupiter (Guru)MoonGirl
ChandrimaJupiter (Guru)MoonGirl
CharanJupiter (Guru)FeetBoy
CharanpalJupiter (Guru)Protection under the Guru's lotus feetBoy
CharanpreetJupiter (Guru)One who loves lords feetBoy
CharisseJupiter (Guru)Cherry likeGirl
CharitaJupiter (Guru)GoodGirl
CharlotteJupiter (Guru)GlamGirl
CharmaineJupiter (Guru)Small songGirl
CharmyJupiter (Guru)CharmingGirl
CharuJupiter (Guru)BeautifulGirl
CharulataJupiter (Guru)CreeperGirl
CharusheelaJupiter (Guru)Beautiful jewelGirl
ChashmumJupiter (Guru)My eyesGirl
ChatreshJupiter (Guru)Lord ShivaBoy
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