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 Rashi of English Boy names (find page-links at the bottom of page)  
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 Name Gender Origin
AaranBoyEnglish, Indian
AarenUnisexEnglish, Indian
AaronBoyBiblical, English, Hebrew, Indian, Spanish
AarronBoyEnglish, Indian
AbBoyEnglish, Indian
AbaddonBoyBiblical, English, Indian
AbbotBoyEnglish, Hebrew, Indian
AbbottBoyEnglish, Hebrew, Indian
AbdonBoyEnglish, Hebrew, Indian
AbeBoyEnglish, Indian
AbelBoyBiblical, English, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indian, Portuguese
AbellBoyEnglish, Hebrew, Indian
AbeyUnisexEnglish, Indian, Native American
AbiaUnisexArabic, English, Indian
AbiahUnisexEnglish, Indian
AbidaUnisexArabic, English, Indian
AbidahUnisexArabic, English, Indian
AbidanBoyBiblical, English, Hebrew, Indian
AbieBoyEnglish, Indian
AbielBoyBiblical, English, Indian
AbihailUnisexBiblical, English, Indian
AbihuBoyEnglish, Indian
AbijahUnisexEnglish, Hebrew, Indian
AbimaelBoyBiblical, English, Indian
AbimelechBoyBiblical, English, Hebrew, Indian
AbinoamBoyEnglish, Indian
AbiramBoyBiblical, English, Hebrew, Indian
AbishaiBoyBiblical, English, Indian
AbishalomBoyEnglish, Indian
AbiudBoyEnglish, Indian
AbleBoyEnglish, Hebrew, Indian
AbnarBoyEnglish, Indian
AbnerBoyBiblical, English, Hebrew, Indian
AbnorBoyEnglish, Indian
AbnurBoyEnglish, Indian
AbotBoyEnglish, Indian
AbottBoyEnglish, Indian
AbraUnisexArabic, English, Hebrew, Indian
AbrahamBoyBiblical, English, Hebrew, Indian
AbramBoyBiblical, English, Hebrew, Indian
AbranBoyEnglish, Indian, Spanish
AbsalomBoyEnglish, Hebrew, Indian
AbsalonBoyEnglish, Indian
AceBoyEnglish, Indian
AcelBoyEnglish, French, Indian
AceletBoyEnglish, Indian
AcelinBoyEnglish, Indian
AcerBoyEnglish, Indian
AceyBoyEnglish, Indian
AchanBoyEnglish, Indian
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