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 Rashi of Arabic Unisex names (find page-links at the bottom of page)  
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 Name Gender Origin
AbiaUnisexArabic, English, Indian
AbidaUnisexArabic, English, Indian
AbidahUnisexArabic, English, Indian
AbirUnisexArabic, Hebrew, Indian
AbraUnisexArabic, English, Hebrew, Indian
AkramUnisexArabic, Indian, Persian (Iranian)
AlaUnisexArabic, Polish
AlmasUnisexArabic, Indian
AltairUnisexArabic, English, Greek, Indian
AlvaUnisexArabic, English, German, Hebrew, Indian, Latin, Norwegian, Spanish
AmadiUnisexAfrican, Arabic
AmalUnisexArabic, Hebrew, Indian
AnisaUnisexArabic, Indian
AnwarUnisexArabic, Indian
AtiyaUnisexArabic, Indian
BadrUnisexArabic, Indian
BahaUnisexArabic, Indian
BahijUnisexArabic, Indian
BarakaUnisexArabic, Egyptian
BarakahUnisexArabic, Indian
DimaUnisexArabic, Indian, Russian
DiyaUnisexArabic, Indian
DuhaUnisexArabic, Indian
FakhriUnisexArabic, Indian, Persian (Iranian)
FarahUnisexArabic, English, Indian, Persian (Iranian)
FawziUnisexArabic, Indian
FirdausUnisexArabic, Indian, Persian (Iranian)
GamalUnisexArabic, Indian
GhufranUnisexArabic, Indian
GulzarUnisexArabic, Indian, Persian (Iranian)
HanaUnisexArabic, Czech & Slovak, English, Indian, Japanese, Korean
HananUnisexArabic, English, Hebrew, Indian
HaniUnisexArabic, Indian
HannaUnisexArabic, English, Finnish, Hebrew, Indian, Latin, Polish, Scandinavian, Ukrainian
HikmatUnisexArabic, Indian
HindUnisexArabic, Indian
IhabUnisexArabic, Indian
IhsanUnisexArabic, Indian, Turkish
IkramUnisexArabic, Indian
ImanUnisexArabic, Indian, Indonesian, Persian (Iranian)
InasUnisexArabic, Indian, Spanish
IsmatUnisexArabic, Indian
JamalUnisexArabic, Indian
JawdatUnisexArabic, Indian
JinanUnisexArabic, Indian
KamalUnisexArabic, Indian, Persian (Iranian)
KaramUnisexArabic, Indian
KhayratUnisexArabic, Indian
MahaUnisexArabic, Indian
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