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 Rashi of Spanish Unisex names (find page-links at the bottom of page)  
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 Name Gender Origin
AdaliaUnisexEnglish, Indian, Spanish
AdoniaUnisexEnglish, Greek, Indian, Spanish
AdrianUnisexEnglish, German, Indian, Spanish
AlbaUnisexItalian, Spanish
AlvaUnisexArabic, English, German, Hebrew, Indian, Latin, Norwegian, Spanish
AlvarUnisexEnglish, German, Indian, Spanish
AmandaUnisexEnglish, Finnish, Indian, Spanish
AmaraUnisexAfrican, English, German, Indian, Latin, Spanish
AmarisUnisexHebrew, Indian, Spanish
AmorUnisexLatin, Spanish
AndreaUnisexEnglish, French, Indian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
AngelUnisexBulgarian, English, Indian, Spanish
AnnaUnisexBiblical, Bulgarian, English, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Indian, Italian, Latin, Native American, Spanish
BlasUnisexGerman, Spanish
CaseyUnisexEnglish, Indian, Spanish
CeriUnisexSpanish, Welsh
CruzUnisexPortuguese, Spanish
DaniUnisexEnglish, Hebrew, Indian, Spanish
DelmarUnisexEnglish, French, Indian, Spanish
EliaUnisexHebrew, Italian, Spanish
EsmeUnisexFrench, Spanish
GuadalupeUnisexEnglish, Indian, Spanish
GuiomarUnisexPortuguese, Spanish
InasUnisexArabic, Indian, Spanish
IreneUnisexEnglish, Finnish, French, Indian, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish
IzzyUnisexEnglish, Indian, Spanish
JaimeUnisexEnglish, Indian, Portuguese, Scottish, Spanish
JordanaUnisexEnglish, Hebrew, Indian, Spanish
JoseUnisexHebrew, Portuguese, Spanish
JovitaUnisexIndian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish
JuanUnisexChinese, Hebrew, Spanish
LaliUnisexIndian, Spanish
MariaUnisexCzech & Slovak, Egyptian, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indian, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish
ModesteUnisexFrench, Spanish
NevadaUnisexEnglish, Indian, Spanish
NoeUnisexFrench, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Spanish
OraUnisexEnglish, Hebrew, Indian, Spanish
PeppiUnisexGerman, Spanish
RafaUnisexArabic, Indian, Spanish
RamanUnisexIndian, Spanish
RioUnisexEnglish, Indian, Japanese, Spanish
RosiynUnisexFrench, Spanish
SalUnisexEnglish, Indian, Spanish
SolUnisexEnglish, Hebrew, Indian, Spanish
TimoUnisexEnglish, Finnish, Greek, Indian, Spanish
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