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 Rashi of English Boy names (find page-links at the bottom of page)  
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 Name Gender Origin
CarrolBoyEnglish, Indian
CarrollBoyEnglish, Indian
CarterBoyEnglish, Indian
CarverBoyEnglish, Indian
CaryUnisexEnglish, Indian
CaseyUnisexEnglish, Indian, Spanish
CasimirBoyEnglish, Indian, Polish
CasperBoyDutch, English, Indian
CassidyUnisexEnglish, Indian
CatigernBoyEnglish, Indian
CecilBoyEnglish, Indian
CedricBoyEnglish, Indian
CenricBoyEnglish, Indian
ChadBoyEnglish, Indian
ChadwickBoyEnglish, Indian
ChanceUnisexEnglish, French, Indian
ChandlerBoyEnglish, French, Indian
CharlesBoyEnglish, French, German, Indian
CharleyUnisexEnglish, Indian
CharlieUnisexEnglish, Indian
CharltonBoyEnglish, Indian
ChasBoyEnglish, Indian
ChaseBoyEnglish, Indian
ChaunceyBoyEnglish, French, Indian
ChauncyBoyEnglish, French, Indian
ChazBoyEnglish, Indian
ChenaniahBoyEnglish, Indian
CherokeeUnisexEnglish, Indian, Native American
CherryUnisexEnglish, French, Indian
ChesedUnisexEnglish, Hebrew, Indian
ChesterBoyEnglish, Indian
ChetBoyEnglish, Indian, Thai
ChevronBoyEnglish, Hebrew, Indian
CheyanneUnisexEnglish, French, Indian
CheyenneUnisexEnglish, French, Indian, Native American
ChipBoyEnglish, Indian
ChrisUnisexEnglish, Indian
ChristenUnisexEnglish, Indian, Norwegian
ChristianBoyEnglish, French, Indian, Norwegian
ChristmasBoyEnglish, Indian
ChristopherBoyEnglish, Indian
ChuckBoyEnglish, Indian
ChuckieBoyEnglish, Indian
ClanceyBoyEnglish, Indian
ClancyBoyEnglish, Indian
ClarenceBoyEnglish, Indian
ClarkBoyEnglish, Indian
ClarkeBoyEnglish, Indian
ClaudBoyEnglish, Indian
ClaudeUnisexEnglish, French, Indian
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