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 Rashi of English Boy names (find page-links at the bottom of page)  
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 Name Gender Origin
DarrenBoyEnglish, Indian
DarrinBoyEnglish, Indian
DarrylUnisexEnglish, Indian
D'ArtagnanBoyEnglish, Indian
DarwinBoyEnglish, Indian
DarylUnisexEnglish, Indian
DashiellBoyEnglish, Indian
DaveBoyEnglish, Hebrew, Indian, Scottish
DavenBoyEnglish, Indian
DaveyBoyEnglish, Hebrew, Indian, Scottish
DavidBoyBiblical, English, French, Hebrew, Indian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
DavieBoyEnglish, Indian, Scottish
DavinBoyEnglish, French, Hebrew, Indian
DavisBoyEnglish, Indian, Scottish
DavyBoyEnglish, Indian, Scottish
DawBoyEnglish, Indian
DawsonBoyEnglish, Indian
DaxBoyEnglish, French, Indian
DayeBoyEnglish, Indian
DaytonBoyEnglish, Indian
DeaconBoyEnglish, Indian
DeanBoyEnglish, Indian
DeandreBoyEnglish, Indian
DebUnisexEnglish, Indian, Sanskrit
DeclanBoyEnglish, Indian
DeeUnisexEnglish, Indian
DeemerBoyEnglish, Indian
DeforestBoyEnglish, Indian
DeforrestBoyEnglish, Indian
DelUnisexEnglish, French, Indian
DelaiaBoyEnglish, Hebrew, Indian
DelaiahBoyEnglish, Hebrew, Indian
DelaneyUnisexEnglish, French, Indian
DelbertBoyEnglish, Indian
DellUnisexEnglish, German, Indian
DelmarUnisexEnglish, French, Indian, Spanish
DelroyBoyEnglish, French, Indian
DemetriusBoyEnglish, Greek, Indian, Latin
DemingBoyChinese, English, Indian
DemonBoyEnglish, Greek, Indian
DenBoyEnglish, Indian
DeneBoyEnglish, Indian
DenebBoyEnglish, Indian
DenielBoyEnglish, Indian
DenisBoyEnglish, French, Indian, Russian
DeniseUnisexEnglish, French, Indian
DennisBoyEnglish, French, Indian
DennyBoyEnglish, Indian
DentonBoyEnglish, Indian
DenverBoyEnglish, French, Indian
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