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 Rashi of English Boy names (find page-links at the bottom of page)  
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 Name Gender Origin
DodgeBoyEnglish, Indian
DolphBoyEnglish, Indian
DomBoyEnglish, Indian
DomenicBoyEnglish, Indian
DominicBoyEnglish, Indian
DominickBoyEnglish, Indian
DominiqueUnisexEnglish, French, Indian
DonUnisexEnglish, Indian, Welsh
DonaghyBoyEnglish, Indian
DonalBoyEnglish, Indian
DonaldUnisexEnglish, Indian, Scottish
DonallBoyEnglish, Indian
DonnieBoyEnglish, Indian
DonnyBoyEnglish, Indian
DonoghBoyEnglish, Indian
DonoughBoyEnglish, Indian
DonovanBoyEnglish, Indian
DoranBoyEnglish, Indian
DoreUnisexEnglish, French, Indian
DorianBoyEnglish, Indian
DougBoyEnglish, Indian, Scottish
DougalUnisexEnglish, Indian, Scottish
DougieBoyEnglish, Indian, Scottish
DouglasBoyEnglish, Indian, Scottish
DoyleBoyEnglish, Indian
DrakeBoyEnglish, Indian
DravenBoyEnglish, Indian
DriscollBoyEnglish, Indian
DriskollBoyEnglish, Indian
DuaneBoyEnglish, Indian
DudBoyEnglish, Indian
DuddaBoyEnglish, Indian
DuddeBoyEnglish, Indian
DudleyBoyEnglish, Indian
DuffUnisexEnglish, Indian, Scottish
DuffyBoyEnglish, Indian, Scottish
DugalBoyEnglish, Indian, Scottish
DukeBoyEnglish, Indian
DuncanUnisexEnglish, Indian, Scottish
DunkyBoyEnglish, Indian
DunnBoyEnglish, Indian
DunstanBoyEnglish, Indian
DurwardBoyEnglish, Indian
DustinBoyEnglish, Indian
DustyBoyEnglish, Indian
DwaneBoyEnglish, Indian
DwayneBoyEnglish, Indian
DwightBoyEnglish, Indian
DyeBoyEnglish, Indian
DylBoyEnglish, Indian, Welsh
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