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 Rashi of English Boy names (find page-links at the bottom of page)  
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 Name Gender Origin
AlvinBoyEnglish, German, Indian
AlvisBoyEnglish, Indian
AlvredBoyEnglish, Indian
AlvyBoyEnglish, German, Indian
AlvynBoyEnglish, Indian
AlwinBoyEnglish, German, Indian
AlwynBoyEnglish, Indian
AlysdairBoyEnglish, Indian
AlysdareBoyEnglish, Indian
AlystairBoyEnglish, Indian
AlysterBoyEnglish, Indian
AlyxUnisexEnglish, Indian
AmandaUnisexEnglish, Finnish, Indian, Spanish
AmaraUnisexAfrican, English, German, Indian, Latin, Spanish
AmariaBoyEnglish, Indian
AmariahUnisexEnglish, Hebrew, Indian
AmasaiBoyEnglish, Indian
AmberUnisexEnglish, Indian
AmbieBoyEnglish, Indian
AmbroseBoyEnglish, Indian
AmbyBoyEnglish, Indian
AmedeusBoyEnglish, Indian, Latin
AmeryBoyEnglish, German, Indian, Latin
AmeyUnisexEnglish, German, Indian
AmiUnisexEnglish, French, German, Hebrew, Indian, Japanese
AmiasBoyEnglish, Indian
AmitaiBoyEnglish, Indian
AmittaiBoyEnglish, Indian
AmlodiBoyEnglish, Indian
AmmielBoyEnglish, Hebrew, Indian
AmmihudBoyEnglish, Indian
AmminadabBoyEnglish, Hebrew, Indian
AmmonBoyEgyptian, English, Greek, Indian
AmonBoyEgyptian, English, Hebrew, Indian
AmoryBoyEnglish, German, Indian, Latin
AmosBoyBiblical, English, Hebrew, Indian
AmozBoyEnglish, Indian
AmranBoyEnglish, Indian
AmyasBoyEnglish, Indian
AnakinBoyEnglish, Indian
AnaniBoyBiblical, English, Hebrew, Indian
AnaniahBoyEnglish, Indian
AnaniasUnisexEnglish, Greek, Indian
AndersonBoyEnglish, Indian
AndreaUnisexEnglish, French, Indian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
AndrewBoyBiblical, English, Indian
AndyUnisexEnglish, French, Indian
AngelUnisexBulgarian, English, Indian, Spanish
AngellUnisexEnglish, Indian
AngelleUnisexEnglish, Indian
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