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 Nursery rhymes
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  The Clock
  The Coachman
  The Cock And The Hen
  The Crooked Sixpence
  The Derby Ram
  The Donkey
  The Dove And The Wren
  The Dusty Miller
  The Elephant
  The Farmer And The Raven
  The First Of May
  The Flying Pig
  The Girl And The Birds
  The Girl In The Lane
  The Grand Old Duke Of York
  The Greedy Man
  The Hart
  The Hobby Horse
  The House That Jack Built
  The Hunter Of Reigate
  The Kilkenny Cats
  The King Of France
  The Lion And The Unicorn
  The Little Bird
  The Little Froggy
  The Little Girl With A Curl
  The Little Moppet
  The Little Mouse
  The Lost Shoe
  The Man In Our Town
  The Man In The Wilderness
  The Man Of Bombay
  The Man Of Derby
  The Man Of Tobago
  The Man Who Had Naught
  The Merchants Of London
  The Mist
  The More We Get Together
  The Mouse And The Clock
  The Muffin Man
  The Name Game
  The News At Bedtime
  The Old Man
  The Old Woman And The Pedlar
  The Old Woman From France
  The Old Woman Of Gloucester
  The Old Woman Of Leeds
  The Old Woman Under A Hill
  The Owl And The Pussycat

Page:   123456789101112131415161718    

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