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 108 Names of Lord Anjaneya

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108 Names of Lord Anjaneya

108 Names of Lord Anjaneya
»   Om Aarogya Kartray namaha
»   Om Aja Raayay namaha
»   Om Ajaayay namaha
»   Om Akaa YaaYay namaha
»   Om Ama Laayay namaha
»   Om Amrit Yavay namaha
»   Om Ana Gaayay namaha
»   Om Anaa Daayay namaha
»   Om Anjani Sunavay namaha
»   Om Avaya Graayay namaha
»   Om Avyaaya namaha
»   Om Avyak Taayay namaha
»   Om Baalaayay namahaBaa
»   Om Bhagawatay namaha
»   Om Bhar Gaayay namaha
»   Om Bhur Lokaayay namaha
»   Om Bhuvar Lokaayay namaha
»   Om Devaayay namaha
»   Om Devay So namaha
»   Om Dhana Daayay namaha
»   Om Dharaa Dharaayay namaha
»   Om Dharaa Dhipaayay namaha
»   Om Divaakara, Sama Prabhaayay namaha
»   Om Drona Hartray namaha
»   Om Gospadi krita, Vaarish aayay namaha
»   Om Graama Swantaayay namaha
»   Om Grama VaaSaayay namaha
»   Om Hanumatay namaha
»   Om Harish Waraayay namaha
»   Om Jaanaki Praandaatray namaha
»   Om Jana Lokaayay namaha
»   Om Janash Radaayay namaha
»   Om Jyesh Taayay namaha
»   Om Kalaa Dharaayay namaha
»   Om Kalyaa Naayay namaha
»   Om Kapish Shestray namaha
»   Om Krish Naayay namaha
»   Om Maarutaat Majaayay namaha
»   Om Mahaa Lokaayay namaha
»   Om Munayay namaha
»   Om Nidhi Patayay namaha
»   Om Niraa Shra yaayay namaha
»   Om Omkar Jamyaayay namaha
»   Om Pandari Kaakshaayaya namaha
»   Om Paraayay namaha
»   Om Phaalgun Priyaayay namaha
»   Om Ping Keshaayay namaha
»   Om Pinga Romanay namaha
»   Om Pingaak Shaayay namaha
»   Om Pita Vaasasay namaha
»   Om Plavang Gamayay namaha
»   Om Praana Vaayay namaha
»   Om Prakriti Sthiraaya namaha
»   Om Purna Kamaayay namaha
»   Om Purnaayay namaha
»   Om Raaksho Dhanaayay namaha
»   Om Raam Aayay namaha
»   Om Raam Bhaktaayay namaha
»   Om Raamdoo Taayay namaha
»   Om Raksha Praana, Haarakaayay namaha
»   Om Rakta Vaasasay namaha
»   Om Ramesh Taatray namaha
»   Om Rasaa DhaRaayay namaha
»   Om Rav Vayay namaha
»   Om Rudra Kar Maayay Namo namaha.
»   Om Rudraayay namaha
»   Om Sakhyay namaha
»   Om Sana Tanaaya namaha
»   Om Satyaayay namaha
»   Om Satyaayay namaha
»   Om Shakti Naytaayay namaha
»   Om Shakti Raakshasaa, Maara kaayay namaha
»   Om Shar Vaayay namaha
»   Om Sharanaagata Vatsalaayay namaha
»   Om Shivaayay namaha
»   Om ShivaDharam, Pratish taatray namaha
»   Om Shree Pradaayay namaha
»   Om Shruti Gamyaayay namaha
»   Om Sita Shoka Vinaasha Naayay namaha
»   Om Swar Lokaayay namaha
»   Om Tapa say namaha
»   Om Tatvaayay namaha
»   Om Tatvagam Yaayay namaha
»   Om Vaag Minay namaha
»   Om Vaayu Putraaya namaha
»   Om Vanay Charaayay namaha
»   Om Vara Daayay namaha
»   Om Vidyaayay namaha
»   Om Vira Viraayay namaha
»   Om Virayay namaha
»   Om Vish Vaaya namaha
»   Om Vish Vesh aayay namaha
»   Om Visha Daayay namaha
»   Om Vishva Aatmanaay namaha
»   Om Vishva Chesha Laayay namaha
»   Om Vishva Kaar aayay namaha
»   Om Vishva Murtaaya namaha
»   Om Vishva Naayak aayay namaha
»   Om Vishva Sevayaay namaha
»   Om Vishvaa Dhyayaayay namaha
»   Om Vishvaa Gamyaayay namaha
»   Om Vishvam Bharaayay namaha
»   Om Vishwa Haytavay namaha
»   Om Visva Haraaya namaha
»   Om Vrid Dhyayay namaha
»   Om Vyaapa Kaayay namaha
»   Om Vyakta Avyak Tayay namaha
»   Om Yunay namaha

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