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 Sibling names for Vishva

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Sibling names for 'Vishva' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AadinathIndianThe first god; Supreme Ruler of the UniverseBoy
AalamIndianWhole worldBoy
AalamIndianThe whole worldBoy
AchlaIndianThe Earth; StableGirl
AchlaIndianConstant; Earth; StableGirl
AchlaIndianEarth; Stable; ConstantGirl
AchlaIndianEarth; StableGirl
AditiIndianMother of Gods; Earth; Nature; Radiant like the sunGirl
AjalaIndianThe EarthGirl
AkhilIndianComplete; WorldBoy
AkhileshIndianIndestructible; Immortal; Lord of universeBoy
AlakIndianWorld; Beautiful tressesGirl
AlamgirIndianLord of the whole worldBoy
AlamgirIndianLord of the universeBoy
AlamgirIndianThe Lord Of The Whole WorldBoy
AnikaitIndianLord of the worldBoy
AnikaitIndianLord of worldBoy
AntarikshIndianSpace; UniverseBoy
AvaneeshIndianLord of the universe; Lord GaneshBoy
AvaneeshIndianLord of the UniverseBoy
AvanindraIndianKing of the earthBoy
AvanindraIndianKing of earthBoy
AvanishIndianLord of earthBoy
AvanishIndianGod of the EarthBoy
AvanishIndianLord of the earthBoy
AvanishIndianLord of earthGirl
AvantikaaIndianPrincess of World/ Goddess of UjjainiGirl
AvishIndianEarth; RiverBoy
AvishiIndianEarth; RiverGirl
AvneeshIndianGod of the earth; Lord GaneshBoy
AvneeshIndianLord of earth; Lord GaneshBoy
AvneeshIndianGod of the Earth; Another name for lord GaneshBoy
AvniIndianThe EarthGirl
AvnitaIndianThe EarthGirl
BavyeshIndianLord of the world; Lord ShivaBoy
BhagirathIndianOne who brought Ganga on earthBoy
BhagirathIndianOne who brought Ganga on earth; An ancient kingBoy
BhaumikIndianAttached to the earthBoy
BhaumikIndianAttached to the earth; EarthlyBoy
BhaumikIndianLord of the earthBoy
Bhav-BhootiIndianThe UniverseBoy
BhavamanyuIndianCreator of the universeBoy
BhavamanyuIndianCreator of universeBoy
BhaveethIndianLord of the UniverseBoy
BhaveshIndianLord of the worldBoy
BhaveshIndianLord of worldBoy
BhaveshIndianLord of world; Lord ShivaBoy
BhaveshIndianLord of the Universe; Lord ShivaBoy
BhaveshIndianLord of the UniverseBoy
BhoolokanathanIndianRuler of earthBoy
BhoolokanathanIndianRuler of the earthBoy
BhoomikaIndianBase; Of Earth; EarthlyGirl
BhoopatIndianLord of earthBoy
BhoopatIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhoopatiIndianLord of earthBoy
BhoopendraIndianKing of the earthBoy
BhoopendraIndianKing of earthBoy
BhoothanathanIndianRuler of earthBoy
BhoothanathanIndianRuler of the earthBoy
BhudevIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhudevIndianLord of the earth; Lord ShivaBoy
BhudevIndianLord of earthBoy
BhudevaIndianLord of the earth; Lord ShivaBoy
BhudevaIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhupathiIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhupathiIndianLord of earthBoy
BhupathiIndianKing; Lord of the earthBoy
BhupatiIndianGod of the earthBoy
BhupatiIndianKing; Lord of the earthBoy
BhupatiIndianKing; God of the earthBoy
BhuvanIndianPalace; One of the three worldsBoy
BhuvanamohanaIndianBeauty over entire earthGirl
BhuvaneshIndianLord of worldBoy
BhuvaneshIndianLord of the worldBoy
BhuvaneshIndianLord of the UniverseBoy
BhuvaneshIndianLord of the universe; Lord VishnuBoy
BhuvaneshIndianLord of world; Lord VishnuBoy
BhuvaneshwarIndianLord of the worldBoy
BhuvaneshwarIndianLord of worldBoy
BhuvaneswariIndianGoddess of earthGirl
BhuveshIndianThe king of earthBoy
BrahmaIndianCreator of the universeBoy
BrahmaIndianCreator of the universe; Supreme beingBoy
ChitramayaIndianWorldly illusionGirl
DakshaIndianThe Earth; Wife of lord ShivaGirl
DakshaIndianEarth; Sati; Wife of lord ShivaGirl
DakshaIndianEarth; Wife of Lord Shiva; SkilledGirl
DakshaIndianThe Earth; Sati; Wife of lord ShivaGirl
DakshaIndianThe Earth; Sati; wife of ShivaGirl
DakshaIndianEarth; Sati; Wife of lord ShivaGirl
DharaIndianConstant flow; EarthGirl
DharaIndianEarth; FlowGirl
DharaniIndianBearing; EarthGirl
DharendraIndianKing of the earthBoy
DharendraIndianKing of earthBoy
DharitriIndianThe earthGirl
DhatriIndianEarth; Goddess ParvatiGirl
DhatriIndianEarth; Goddess Parvati; A solar deity; Representative of the sunGirl
EdomIndianRed; Red earthBoy
EilaIndianThe EarthGirl
ElaIndianEarth; Cardamom treeGirl
HemishIndianLord of earthBoy
HemishIndianLord of the earthBoy
IbrahimIndianAbraham; EarthBoy
IdikaIndianThe EarthGirl
IhaIndianEarth; WishGirl
IhaIndianThe EarthGirl
IlaIndianEarth; Daughter of Manu; VitalityGirl
IlaIndianEarth; Daughter of ManuGirl
IlaIndianWater; Earth; Daughter of ManuGirl
IlashpastiIndianLord of earthBoy
IlashpastiIndianLord of the EarthBoy
IleshIndianLord of earthBoy
IlisaIndianKing of earthBoy
IlisaIndianKing of the earthBoy
IlishaIndianQueen of the earthGirl
IlishaIndianQueen of earthGirl
InikaIndianSmall EarthGirl
InikaIndianLittle earthGirl
IraIndianEarth; SaraswatiGirl
IraIndianEarth; Muse; Goddess SaraswatiGirl
IraIndianEarth; MuseGirl
IraIndianEarth; Muse; Watchful of a townGirl
IreshIndianLord of earth; VishnuBoy
IreshIndianLord of earth; Lord VishnuBoy
JagIndianThe UniverseBoy
Jag JeevanIndianLife of the worldBoy
JagachandraIndianMoon of the universeBoy
JagachandraIndianMoon of universeBoy
JagadambaIndianMother of universeGirl
JagadambaIndianMother of the UniverseGirl
JagadayuIndianLife spring of the universeBoy
JagadeepIndianLight of worldBoy
JagadeepIndianLight of the worldBoy
JagadeeshIndianLord Of The World; Lord Vishnu; GodBoy
JagadeshIndianKing of the universeBoy
JagadeshIndianKing of universeBoy
JagadevIndianLord of the worldBoy
JagadevIndianLord of worldBoy
JagadhidhIndianLord of the worldBoy
JagadhidhIndianLord of worldBoy
JagadhishIndianLord of the worldBoy
JagadhishIndianLord of worldBoy
JagadipIndianLamp of the universeBoy
JagadipIndianLamp of universeBoy
JagadishIndianLord of universeBoy
JagadishIndianLord of worldBoy
JagadishIndianLord of the universeBoy
JagadishaIndianMaster of the UniverseBoy
JagadishaIndianGod; Master of the universeGirl
JagajeetIndianConqueror of worldBoy
JagajeetIndianConqueror of the worldBoy
JagajeevanIndianLife of the worldBoy
JagajeevanIndianLife of world; Worldly lifeBoy
JagamataIndianMother of the world; Goddess DurgaGirl
JagamohanIndianOne who attracts the worldBoy
JagamohiniIndianOne who attracts the world; Goddess DurgaGirl
JaganIndianUniverse; WorldBoy
JaganarayanIndianLord of worldBoy
JaganmataIndianMother of the worldGirl
JaganmataIndianMother of worldGirl
JaganmataIndianMother of the universeGirl
JaganmayIndianSpread over the universeBoy
JagannathIndianLord of the UniverseBoy
JagannathIndianLord of worldBoy
JagannathIndianLord of the worldBoy
JagannathIndianLord of world; Lord VishnuBoy
JagatbehariIndianWorld Traveler (Jagvihari)Boy
JagatbehariIndianWorld travelerBoy
JagatguruIndianPreceptor of the worldBoy
JagathIndianThe UniverseBoy
JagathiIndianOf the universeGirl
JagatkishorIndianWorldly childBoy
JagatkishorIndianWorld ChildBoy
JagatpalIndianCaretaker of the worldBoy
JagatprabhuIndianGod of the worldBoy
JagatprabhuIndianLord of worldBoy
JagatprakashIndianLight of the worldBoy
JagatprakashIndianLight of worldBoy
JagatveerIndianBravest in the worldBoy
JagaviIndianBorn of the worldGirl
JagdeepIndianLight of the universeBoy
JagdeepIndianLight of universeBoy
JagdeoIndianGod of the worldBoy
JagdeoIndianLord of worldBoy
JagdishIndianKing of the worldBoy
JagdishIndianGod; Lord of the universe; The ruler of the worldBoy
JagdishIndianKing of worldBoy
JageshIndianLord of the worldBoy
JageshIndianLord of universeBoy
JageshIndianLord of worldBoy
JagishIndianLord of the universeBoy
JagishIndianLord of universeBoy
JagjeevanIndianWorldly lifeBoy
JagmeetIndianFriend of the worldBoy
JagmohanIndianLord Krishna; One who attracts the worldBoy
JagmohanIndianOne who attracts the worldBoy
JagmohanIndianOne who captivates the worldBoy
JihanIndianThe WorldBoy
KhanijaIndianMother EarthGirl
KrandasiIndianSky and the earthGirl
KrupalIndianRuler of the worldBoy
KrupaliIndianRuler of the worldGirl
KshitijIndianLord of earthBoy
KshitijIndianLord of earth; HorizonBoy
KshitijIndianHorizon; Lord of earthBoy
KumudaIndianPleasure of the earth white water lilyGirl
KumudaIndianPleasure of the earthGirl
KumudaIndianLotus; Pleasure of the earthGirl
KumudaIndianPleasure of the earth; White water lilyGirl
KuvalayaIndianLotus; WorldGirl
LohendraIndianLord of three worldsBoy
LokajananiIndianLakshmi; Mother of the worldGirl

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