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     Sama - The Good Son

Once there were two beings who were of Brahma-Loka which was known to be the higher godly world were born as a boy and a girl. They were called Dukulaka and Parika, respectively. Their parents were best and close friends. When the two children had grown up their parents married them both. As the two were the beings of higher world they did not spoil in any physical relationship. As they were apart from the earthly life they lived in a loner place as ascetics. Nevertheless, influenced by Sakka Dukulaka touched the navel of Parika at a proper time, which made the latter conceive a baby. The baby was born with golden colour. So, he was given the name of Suvannasama; but was often called Sama.

Once, Samaís parents took their shelter under a tree when there was heavy rain. The water, which dripped down from their body fell upon a snake living in the ant-hill on which they were standing since much time. This made the snake mad and exhale the infectious breath, which made them blind. Having not found his parents back till late in the evening, Sama himself went outside to look for them; and finally he saw them in this condition and brought them home. Since then he looked after them.

Once Piliyakkha, the king of Varanasi was out on a hunting trip in the forest around the loner place. There, he heard the sound of water, which was being drawn by Sama for his parents. Mistaking Sama as a goblin, he shot him with a poisoned arrow. Now, a yakkhini Bahusodari, who happened to be the mother of Sama seven births before, saw Sama being killed, move down and stood in the mid air. She then made the king much frightened and immediately ordered him to go away from there as fast as he can and inform the blind parents of his crime.

Even though the news of the sonís death, the blind parents remained calm and did not show any bitterness, they instead requested the king to guide them to their dead son. After reaching near the body of Sama, Parika performed the Sacchakiriya (Act of Truth) which vanish the poison and made him well. Then the yakkhini performed the similar kiriya for the blind parents. And the parents, too, were cured and regained their eye-sight and were able to see again.




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