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Once there was a queen who was born as a yaksini due to her false promise . She had a well-separate territory to exercise her powers. She could kill and eat people within her own territory. One day, as she was roaming inside her territory, she saw a rich and handsome Brahmin and caught him and then fell in love with him. She brought him back to her home and married him. But whenever she went outside she chained him in her residence for fear that he would run away. When a little time passed away, the Bodhisatta was born out of her womb. When growing the yakkhini gave the power to him with a charm to read or trace the foot-step of any person even after the period of twelve years.

When the son grew old enough to take notice of the imprisonment of his father he felt much sorry for him and he tried to remove him out from that place. Having exposed the amount of the power of his yakkhini mother, which was effective only within a several reach, he, one day, carefully trick a plan and escaped out of the forest with his father and began to live a new life in a new city.

As the boy had the power given by her yaksini mother to mark out the foot-steps of any person even after the period of twelve years, he easily entered the service of the king of Varanasi. One day, the king and his chaplain stole some public treasury and hid it in a tank. Next morning, they asked the boy to find the same. The boy easily took the people to the tank by tracing their  foot-steps in the air.

The people were amazed to see this. When asked to expose the names of the thieves he first declined as he knew that the thieves were none other than the king and his chaplain itself. Never the less, when forced long by the people, he make known the names of the two. This angry people, which in anger killed the king and the chaplain. The Bodhisatta was then crowned as the king of the whole kingdom.




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