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 Baby’s first birthday celebration

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first birthday celebration  

first birthday celebration

Baby’s first birthday party is a most important event for parents; this is the next biggest ceremony in parent’s life after their wedding and child's birth ceremony. This auspicious occasion is a once in a lifetime event for both parents and the child

There is lot of planning and preparations required to host a successful birthday party, there are many event managers or so called party planners available whose services can be availed. It is up to the parents to decide the best party idea and make this occasion the best and memorable. Below are few tips and ideas to make this event a grand success.

At the beginning, make a list of guests both adult and children’s who will be attending the party. Usually children between age between 4 and 15 years add a lot of fun to the party, make sure to have lots of kids who will really brighten up this occasion. Once the list is ready, decide the food menu, snacks, games, music, decoration and last but not the least - gifts for children. Adding gifts for children will make your party a memorable event and the party will be remembered among the kids and their parents for long-long time. A child loves cakes and ice-cream the most, make sure to have them in plenty in your party

first birthday celebration

Segregate the list of guests into Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian this will help you to decide the best food menu and budget for party.

first birthday celebration

If you are using a catering service, make sure to place an order with a reputed caterer who has expertise in handing the birthday party, remember that marriage party and the birth party are two different and distinct events a caterer who has expertise in handing the wedding ceremony may not be a best for birthday party. Place all the order with a single caterer and ask for the discount wherever necessary. May sure to get the list services that will be offered and food items that will be served and cross check the services and food items. Often the service provided by caterer is of inferior quality then promised. Get the reference for caterer from previous parties this will help you to get the most reputed catering services

When it comes to birthday cakes, make sure it’s of best quality, the taste of cakes and its quality is the most important for birthday party and is often talk of a birthday party, you get compliments or ridicule for it. Select the bright color for the cake and select a cake of fancy shapes.

Next is to make the invitations. Be extra creative here, select the invitation card that is a latest designer card and should carry a small informal birthday party theme. Now-a-day’s invitations card comes in all shapes like butterflies, balloons and cartoon characters shape. Select the invitation card design that will be liked by the kids the most; after all the birthday party is for kids. Do not spend on electronics invitation cards, your card should be attractive to kids, bright colored and fancy looking. Place the details of the event, the venue, time and party theme. Send out this invitation at least one week before the events. It’s highly recommended to delivery the invitation in personal; however for distance relative or friends and best courier service should be used.

List of items that make the party the best
   *  First and foremost - a birthday candle. This should be fancy as it is the main attraction of the party
   *  Party hats, crowns and masks.
   *  Disposable plates, disposable glasses, paper towels and napkins.
   *  Bright Birthday banners, this should carry different birthday themes
   *  Birthday decorations
   *  Dancing lights and music system
   *  Gifts for different age children

first birthday celebration

On the day of celebration, decorate the party hall, place lots of bright decorative material around, make sure to have bright colored balloons around - kids likes the balloon the most. Play soft music and dancing lights all the time during party. Make sure to have small balloons that will be distributed to kids as they arrive

List of events that are performed during birthday party, you can make your own list depending upon your preferences
   *  Distribute starters foods and drinks to guest as they arrive
   *  Play light music (it is recommended to play soft music all the time during party)
   *  Cake cutting ceremony after most of guest has arrived
   *  Distribute snacks and cake
   *  Play Games for kids
   *  Play Games for adult
   *  Play Music and dancing light; make birthday hall a dancing floor
   *  Distribute food (lunch or dinner, if planned)
   *  Play music and dancing lights till the guest leaves

Click snaps of your baby and yourself together, click snaps of yourself, baby, guest, and children’s during ceremony while they dance, play, eat and preserve this snaps for your child to remember his or hers first birthday party

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