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  5 distinction stages of marital life

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Marital life stages  

Distinction stages of most marital life
There are 5 distinction stages of most marital life and can be described as below
  1. A man (or a woman) is living single and comfortably enjoying his or her bachelor life, often biased by the media and particularly love-story movies, they have high assumptions towards marriage and believe the marriage is a bed of roses with lot of happiness. The same is conveyed in the love-story based movie which ends up upon the marriage or unification of actors. In short these movies too mention’s “The End” of happiness of bachelor life.

  2. A man marries women and the happily wedded couple enjoys every part of their life, in fact this is the most wonderful time in marriage. Most of the couple do not have burden of family and that they go to different places, have dinner together with no virtual restriction. Even if there are differences between couple, this differences results in only small chit-chats that are resolved by couple themselves within minutes. For the most of the couple, this stage last up to 3 years after marriage

  3. Now the reality sets in, couple are gifted with kids and now are little burden adjusting within the limited resources available (salary or income) and thus budgeting their expanses and saving for future. Also the assumptions which were created during romantic bachelor life surfaces out and if compounded by the interference of in-laws the small chit-chats soon become quarrel. This is the time when the couple starts getting exposure to real marital and parental difficulties

  4. Usually after 7 to 10 years of marriage the kids grows, couple faces lot of parental challenges and with the growing kids they too are becoming more matured and are accepting each other, Most of the couple now concentrate on their child growth and that quarrel between them slowly recedes. Couple after few more years gets into each other completely. This is state when wisdom germinates and the couple understand the real meaning of marriage and how to act constructively than to react to various marital difficulties and challenges

  5. Last state that goes forever is a state of smoothness and calmness between the couple this usually happens about 15 years of marriage. The couples are completely given themselves into each other and are playing parental role the most. The couple are learned enough that they not only know how to resole the marital challenges, but are practically qualified enough to understand and advise younger couple. That they are filled with wisdom and are perfect councilors for understanding and resolving the marital dispute of younger couples

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