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 Names meaning 'High'

Name that means

Meaning:  High

List of Names that means 'High'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AaleeIndianSublime; Lofty; HighBoy
Aali  (عالي)ArabianLofty; Sublime; The High; Exalted OneBoy
AaliaIndianExalted; Lofty; Highest social standingGirl
AaliaIndianExalted; Highest social standingGirl
AaliyaIndianHigh; Tall; Towering; ExcellentGirl
Aaliyah  (عالية)ArabianLofty; Sublime; The High; Exalted OneGirl
AalonaHawaiianHigh MountainBoy
AarenEnglishHigh mountain; Light bringerUnisex
AarenIndianHigh mountain; Light bringerUnisex
AaronHebrewExalted One; High; High MountainBoy
AaronIndianExalted on highBoy
AaronIndianExalted on high; Light BringerBoy
AaronSpanishHigh MountainBoy
AarronIndianExalted on high; Light BringerBoy
AbdalIndianSlave of the highBoy
Abdul AliIndianSlave of the highBoy
AbhidharmIndianHighest DharmaBoy
AbramBiblicalHigh Father; Exalted (Father)Boy
AditriIndianHighest honor; Goddess LaxmiGirl
AditriIndianHighest Honor; Goddess LakshmiGirl
AharonHebrewExalted One; High; High MountainBoy
AhmadIndianPraiseworthy; Commendable; Highly adoredBoy
AhmedIndianPraiseworthy; Commendable; Highly adoredBoy
Al Ali (العلى)IndianThe Highest
AldiyarKazakhYour HighnessBoy
AleaEnglishThe High; Exalted oneGirl
AleaIndianThe High; Exalted oneGirl
Ali  (عليّ)ArabianLofty; Sublime; The High; Exalted OneBoy
AliIndianHigh; Elevated; Exalted; Excellent; NobleBoy
AliIndianHigh; Elevated; Exalted; Nobel; ExcellentBoy
AliIndianHigh; Noble; Excellent; Elevated; Exalted; Prophet Mohammad's son in lawBoy
AliIranian (Persian)High; Prophet Mohammad's Son in LawBoy
AliaIndianExalted; Highest social standingGirl
AliaIndianExalted; Lofty; Highest social standingGirl
AliyaArabianThe High; Exalted OneGirl
AliyyaArabianThe High; Exalted OneGirl
AliyyahArabianThe High; Exalted OneGirl
AlyaIndianSublime; Lofty; HighGirl
ArdalEnglishHigh valorBoy
ArdalIndianHigh valorBoy
Arke  (אַרקע)YiddishHigh MountainBoy
ArmenHebrewHigh Place; Castle; PalaceBoy
ArminHebrewHigh Place; Castle; PalaceBoy
ArmonHebrewHigh Place; Castle; PalaceBoy
AronHungarianHigh MountainBoy
AryaIndianHonored; Noble; Beautiful goddess; From a high raceGirl
AryaIndianBeautiful Goddess; From a high raceGirl
AyberkTurkishHigh MoonBoy
AyronPolishHigh MountainBoy
BrahamdevIndianThe highest godBoy
BreanaEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreanaIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreannEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreannIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreannaEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreannaIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreanneEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreanneIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BrennaEnglishHigh hill; SwordGirl
BrennaIndianHigh hill; SwordGirl
BrentEnglishHigh place; HillBoy
BrentIndianHigh place; HillBoy
BrianEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthBoy
BrianIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthBoy
BrianaEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BrianaIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BriannaEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BriannaIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BrianneEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BrianneIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BrianusLatinHigh HillBoy
BryanEnglishHigh hillBoy
BryanIndianHigh hillBoy
BryanaEnglishHigh hillGirl
BryanaIndianHigh hillGirl
BryannaEnglishHigh hillGirl
BryannaIndianHigh hillGirl
BryanneEnglishHigh hillGirl
BryanneIndianHigh hillGirl
BryantEnglishHigh hillBoy
BryantIndianHigh hillBoy
BryonEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthBoy
BryonIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthBoy
CynwrigWelshHigh hillBoy
DiamantaFrenchOf high valueGirl
EilamHebrewEternal; HighlandBoy
ErskineScottishProjecting Height; High CliffGirl
FoirtchernScottishHigh Lord; OverlordBoy
GeremiaHebrewGod is HighBoy
GeremiaItalianGod is HighBoy
GorlassarWelshAbove the blue; Higher than skyBoy
GourishankarIndianMount Everest; HighestBoy
GuorthigernWelshHigh lordBoy
GuorthigirnWelshHigh lordBoy
GwrtheyrnWelshHigh lordBoy
HaganGermanHigh SonBoy
HagenDanishHigh SonBoy
HakanScandinavianHigh sonBoy
HakonNorseHigh sonBoy
HakonNorwegianHigh sonBoy
HardevIndianThe highest godBoy
HarounArabianHigh Mountain; SuperiorBoy
HarunArabianHigh Mountain; SuperiorBoy
HastainScandinavianHigh stoneBoy
HasteinScandinavianHigh stoneBoy
HavardNorwegianHigh defender; High guardianBoy
HavardrNorseHigh defenderBoy
HavarthNorseHigh defenderBoy
HavarthrNorseHigh defenderBoy
HawardEnglishHigh GuardBoy
HawardIndianHigh GuardBoy
HiamoviNative AmericanHigh ChiefBoy
HohnihohkaiyohosNative AmericanHigh backed wolfBoy
HowardEnglishHigh GuardBoy
HowardIndianHigh GuardBoy
HowieEnglishHigh GuardBoy
HowieIndianHigh GuardBoy
Hypatia  (Υπατία)GreekMost high; SupremeGirl
Hypatios  (Τον Yπάτιο)GreekMost high; SupremeBoy
HypatiusLatinMost High; SupremeBoy
HypatosGreekMost high; SupremeBoy
HypatusLatinMost High; SupremeBoy
IpatiRussianMost High; SupremeBoy
IzzIndianGlory; Honor; Prestige; High standingBoy
IzzatIndianHigh rank; HonorBoy
JishaIndianPerson having highest feelings for livingGirl
JishaIndianOne who has highest feelings for livingGirl
JishaIndianPerson having the highest feelings for livingGirl
KendraEnglishHigh hill; Keen powerGirl
KendraIndianHigh hill; Keen powerGirl
KendrickEnglishHigh hill; Keen powerBoy
KendrickIndianHigh hill; Keen powerBoy
KenrickEnglishHigh hill; Keen powerBoy
KenrickIndianHigh hill; Keen powerBoy
Macedon  (Μακεδών)GreekHigh; TallBoy
MacedonLatinHigh; TallBoy
MadalenHebrewFrom the High TowerGirl
MadalenaSpanishFrom the high towerGirl
MadaleneFrenchFrom the high towerGirl
MadalynHebrewFrom the High TowerGirl
MadalynnSpanishFrom the high towerGirl
MaddalenGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MaddalenaGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MaddaleneGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MaddalynGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MaddyFrenchFrom the high towerGirl
MadelHebrewFrom the High TowerGirl
MadelaineHebrewFrom the High TowerGirl
MadeleinaFrenchFrom the high towerGirl
MadeleineFrenchFrom the high towerGirl
MadeleineHebrewFrom the High TowerGirl
MadelenaHebrewFrom the High TowerGirl
MadeleneHebrewFrom the High TowerGirl
MadelinaFrenchFrom the high towerGirl
MadelineFrenchFrom the high towerGirl
MadelonFrenchFrom the high towerUnisex
MadelynnSpanishFrom the high towerGirl
MadenaSpanishFrom the high towerGirl
MadiaSpanishFrom the high towerGirl
MadieFrenchFrom the high towerGirl
MadinaSpanishFrom the high towerGirl
MadolenFrenchFrom the high towerGirl
MagdGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MagdaGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MagdaHebrewFrom the High TowerGirl
MagdalaHebrewFrom the High TowerGirl
MagdalenHebrewFrom the High TowerGirl
MagdalenSpanishFrom the high towerGirl
MagdalenaHebrewFrom the High TowerGirl
MagdalenaSpanishFrom the high towerGirl
MagdaleneBiblicalFrom the High TowerGirl
MagdaleneHebrewFrom the High TowerGirl
MagdaleneSpanishFrom the high towerGirl
MagdalinaPolishFrom the High TowerGirl
MagdolnaHungarianFrom the High TowerGirl
MaialenHebrewFrom the High TowerGirl
MaidelHebrewFrom the High TowerGirl
Makednos  (Μακεδνός)GreekHigh; TallBoy
Makedon  (Μακεδών)GreekHigh; TallBoy
MaleneGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MalinaHebrewFrom the High TowerGirl
ManitIndianHighly respectedBoy
MarlainaGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MarlanaGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MarlaynaGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MarlayneGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MarleenGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MarleenaGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MarleeneGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MarleinaGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MarlenaGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MarlenaHebrewFrom the High TowerGirl
MarleneGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MarleneHebrewFrom the High TowerGirl
MarlinaGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MarlindaGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MarlineGermanFrom the high towerGirl
MatxalenHebrewFrom the High TowerGirl
MeruIndianFamous mountain in Hindu mythology; High pointBoy
MohammadIranian (Persian)Highly Praised; Also Name of the Prophet of IslamBoy
MohammedIndianHhighly praised
NabahIndianNobel high; SkyGirl
NeeheeoeewootisNative AmericanHigh backed wolfBoy
NoufIndianHighest point on a mountainGirl
OmariEgyptianHigh BornBoy
OulamHebrewEternal; HighlandBoy
Pandora  (Πανδώρα)GreekHighly GiftedGirl
ParamarthaIndianHighest truth; Divine truthBoy
ParamarthaIndianHighest truthBoy
ParamarthaIndianHighest truth; SalvationBoy
ParamarthaSanskritHighest TruthBoy
ParamdeshIndianThe highest godBoy
ParamgeetIndianThe highest song of blissBoy
ParamjeetIndianHighest successBoy
ParamjogIndianOne uniting with the highestBoy
ParamjotIndianThe highest light; God's lightBoy
ParamleenIndianAbsorbed in the highest; godBoy
ParmaarthIndianHighest truth; SalvationBoy
ParmarthIndianHighest truth; SalvationBoy
PatyaRussianMost High; SupremeBoy
PransuIndianHigh; TallBoy
PrashanthiIndianHighest peaceGirl
QueenEnglishWife; Royal; Wife of King; Highest ladyGirl
QueenIndianWife; Royal; Wife of King; Highest ladyGirl
QueenaEnglishWife; Royal; Wife of King; Highest ladyGirl
QueenaIndianWife; Royal; Wife of King; Highest ladyGirl
QueenieEnglishWife; Royal; Wife of King; Highest ladyGirl
QueenieIndianWife; Royal; Wife of King; Highest ladyGirl
RafeeIndianHigh; High ranking; Cultured; RefinedBoy
RafiahIndianHigh; Sublime; ExquisiteGirl
RiothamusLatinMilitary Leader; Highest LeaderBoy
SamiIndianHigh; Lofty; Exalted; Elevated; SimilarBoy
SamiIndianHigh; Sublime; SimilarBoy
SamiIranian (Persian)High; ElevatedBoy
SarfarazIndianHead held high; PrideBoy
SarfarazIndianHead held highBoy
ShoemowetochawcaweNative AmericanHigh backed wolfBoy
SterlingGermanOf high quality; PureBoy
SterlynGermanOf high quality; PureBoy
StirlingGermanOf high quality; PureBoy
Sumayya  (سميّة)ArabianHigh AboveGirl
Takako  (隆子)JapaneseFilial; High; Noble ChildGirl
TalfrynWelshHigh hillBoy
TengfeiChineseSoaring HighBoy
TonioSpanishHighly PraiseworthyBoy
TrilochanIndianHaving three eyes; One of higher knowledgeBoy
TungarIndianHigh; LoftyBoy
UlaIndianGlory; High rankGirl
UlviTurkishExalted; HighBoy
UlviyeTurkishExalted; HighGirl
UtkarshIndianProsperity; Awakening; High QualityBoy
UtkarshIndianHigh qualityBoy
UtkarshIndianHigh quality; Prosperity; AwakeningBoy
UttamIndianHigh; Exalted; Excellent personBoy
VortigernEnglishHigh Lord; OverlordBoy
VortigernIndianHigh Lord; OverlordBoy
VortigernusLatinHigh Lord; OverlordBoy
WyrtgeornAnglo-SaxonHigh LordBoy
ZaltanaNative AmericanHigh MountainGirl
ZeeshanIndianStrength; A high standard; Person who stay with styleBoy
ZukaEgyptianGrave; High TombBoy

List of Surnames that means 'High'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AldaineEnglish High Castle; High Town
AldenEnglish Old Hill; From high castle; Town; High castle; High town
AlverstonEnglish High Green Hill
AlvertonEnglish High Green Hill
ArdalEnglish High Valor
ArdenEnglish From the high place
ArdgallEnglish High Valor
AthowScottish High Ford
BancroftEnglish High Field
BantWelsh From the high place
BryanEnglish High Hill
BryanIrish High Hill
BryantEnglish High Hill
BryantIrish High Hill
HowardEnglish High Guard

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