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 Name Of God Name Meaning
AadhiraChandra (Moon)Lord Chandra (Moon)
AadityaSurya (Sun)Lord Surya (Sun)
AashutoshShivaOne who fulfills wishes instantly
AbhayapradaVishnuBestower of safety, Another name for lord Vishnu
AbhijeetKrishnaLord Krishna
AchintyaShivaBeyond Comprehension
AchyutVishnuImperishable, A name of lord Vishnu
AdidevVishnuThe lord of the lords
AdinathVishnuThe first lord, Lord Vishnu
AdiseshVishnuLord Vishnu
AdityaVishnuThe Son of Aditi
AdityaSurya (Sun)Lord Surya (Sun)
AiyappanAyyappanOf Vishnu and Shiva
AkhurathGaneshaOne who has mouse as his charioteer
AkhurathaGaneshaOne who has mouse as his charioteer
AkshahantreyHanumanSlayer of Aksha
AkshajVishnuLord Vishnu
AkshayagunaShivaGod with limitless attributes
AkshobhyaVishnuLord Vishnu
AkulShivaA name of lord Shiva
AlampataGaneshaEver eternal lord
AmalenduChandra (Moon)Lord Chandra (Moon)
AmareshIndraName of Indra
AmeyatmaVishnuLord Vishnu
AmitGaneshaEndless, Boundless, Incomparable Lord
AmoghGaneshaLord Ganesh
AmreshIndraLord Indra
AmrishIndraLord Indra
AmritambuChandra (Moon)Lord Chandra (Moon)
AmritayaVishnuThe Immortal, Lord Vishnu
AnaghaShivaWithout any fault
AnamitraSurya (Sun)Lord Surya (Sun)
AnandsagarVishnuCompassionate Lord
AnantachidrupamayamGaneshaInfinite and consciousness personified
AnantadrishtiShivaInfinite visioner
AnantajeetVishnuThe victor of Infinity, Lord Vishnu
AniketShivaHomeless, Lord Shiva
AnjaneyaHanumanSon of Anjana
AnnuabhujShivaLord Shiva
AnshuSurya (Sun)Lord Surya (Sun)
AnshumaliSurya (Sun)Lord Surya (Sun)
AnshumanSurya (Sun)Lord Surya (Sun)
AparajeetVishnuThe lord who cannot be defeated
AprameyaKrishnaA name of lord Krishna
AranmakanMuruganLord Murugan
ArhaShivaLord Shiva
ArihantShivaOne who has killed his enemies
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