Names of Lord Indra

NameAssociated with LordMeaning
AmareshIndraName of Indra
AmreshIndraLord Indra
AmrishIndraLord Indra
AvasyuIndraLord Indra
DatteyIndraLord Indra
DevendraIndraLord Indra
DeveshIndraLord Indra
DevrajIndraKing among gods, Name of lord Indra
GhanendraIndraLord of Clouds (Lord Indra )
IndrakantaIndraLord Indra
IndrarjunIndraBright and brave lord Indra
PurandarIndraLord Indra
RishvanjasIndraLord Indra
SachinIndraLord Indra
SachishIndraLord Indra
SamajIndraLord Indra
SatamanyuIndraLord Indra
SatpatiIndraLord Indra
ShachinIndraLord Indra
Shat-ManyuIndraAnother name of lord Indra
ShunaIndraLord Indra
ShvetavahIndraLord Indra
SunashiIndraLord Indra
SunasiIndraLord Indra
SuneetIndraLord Indra
SuradhishIndraLord Indra
SuradipIndraLord Indra
SurdeepIndraLord Indra
SurenIndraLord Indra
SurendraIndraLord Indra
SureshIndraLord Indra
SurnathIndraLord Indra, Lord of Suras
SvarajIndraLord Indra
TuvidyumnaIndraLord Indra
TuvijatIndraLord Indra
UlmukIndraLord Indra
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