Sanskrit Boy Names

Sanskrit Boy NamesMeaning
AadidevThe first god, Ancient god
AadinathGod, Supreme Ruler of the Universe, The first God
AagneySon of the Fire God
AagneyaSon of Agni, Son of the fire
AalokBrightness, Light, Cry of victory, A man with lovely hair
AanandJoy, Bliss
AanjaneyaSon of Anjani, Name of Hanuman
AaryanIllustrious, Noble, Spiritual
AatreyaName of a sage
AayushmaanWith long life
AayushmanWith long life
AbhaidevFree of fear
AbhirathGreat Charioteer
AbhisyantaSplendid, A son of Kuru and Vahini
AcaryatanayaSon of the teacher, Another name for Aswatthama
AchalesvaraGod of the immovable, Another name for Shiva
AcharyanandanaSon of the teacher, Another name for Aswatthama
AcharyasutaSon of the teacher, Another name for Aswatthama
AchintyaLord Shiva, Inconceivable, Beyond comprehension
AchyutImperishable, A name of Vishnu
AdhritThe one who don't need any support but supports everyone, Lord Vishnu
AdikaviFirst poet
AdinathLord Vishnu
AditeyaAnother name for the sun, Son of 'Aditi'
AdityaThe sun
AdityanandanSon of the sun
AdripathiMaster of the mountains
AdvayaOne, United
AgastyaName of a sage
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