Taurus (Vrushabh)
    [April 20 - May 20]

Sign description:
Taurus is very gentle, steadfast, stubborn and at times slow, but manages to possess, and have just about everything possible. They are down to earth with a no-nonsense approach, with a very strong sense of values, waiting until they can afford only the best. They are often artistic and sometimes very musical since they are ruled by the throat. You will find nothing cheap or shoddy about them or what they own. They plod through life making other's dreams come true by taking other's projects and making them shine.

Taurus is excellent business persons with ability to develop business profitably and very rarely allow any rash decisions to harm their interests, they not only successfully make money; they preserve it well.

Taurus like to be rooted; whether it is environment, work, home or opinions. They are a picture of stability, with a mind closed to new ideas and a certain unwillingness to change. They are not the kind to undertake risky ventures and certainly are not too apt to be rash. They like to live comfortably and are a good provider. Nothing seems to drive them but the temptation to acquire some material benefit to keep them and their dear once happy

They are patient, loyal and caring. Like the bull they get anger slowly, but once annoyed, they rage and turn ferocious.

Symbol: The Bull
Element: Earth
Hindu Rashi: Vrishabha / Vrushabh
First letter of name: Ba, Va, U (ब, व, ऊ)
Hindu Season (Ritu): Early summer / Vasant (spring)
Passion: Have a Secure, happy & wealthy life marriage
Ruling Planet: Venus
Stone: Emerald
Life Pursuit: Emotional and financial security
Vibration: Determined energy

Compatibility (match) with:
Leo (Sinh), Taurus (Vrushabh), Capricorn (Makar), Pisces (Meen)

Non matching signs:
Gemini (Mithun), Sagittarius (Dhanu), Aquarius (Kumbha)

Few personalities who share this star sign:
William Shakespeare, Sachin Tendulkar, Madhuri Dixit, Janet Jackson,  Iggy Pop, Pooja Bedi, Karl Marx, George Clooney, Rabindranath Tagore, Carmen Electra, Jack Nicholson, Jessica Alba, Andre Agassi, Billy Joel

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