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Indian sub names

Indian Names Suffix (Names beginning or ending with)

»   Indian Men Name Suffix
»   Indian Woman Name Suffix

Other Names

»   Names and Personalities
»   Indian House and Villa Names
»   Western House and Villa Names
»   Pet’s Names
»   Indian River Names
»   World River Names
»   Indian Freedom Fighter Names
»   Indian Freedom Organization Names
»   Deepavali Names
»   Names of Prophet's of Islam
»   Baby names by Rashi
»   Baby names by Planet
»   Baby names by Stars
»   Surnames or Family Names

Name search tools

»   Find a Name (Search Name)
»   Generate Baby names from Parent names (Baby Name Generator)
»   Generate Sibling names for ... (Sibling Name Generator)
»   Find meaning of name
»   Find Summary of name
»   Find Origin of name
»   Find Gender of name (Gender Calculator / Predictor)
»   Find Rashi of name
»   Find Numerology of name
»   Find Religion from name (Only informative, do not discriminate humans by religion)
»   List Names similar to ... (Similar sounding names)
»   Find Variant of name
»   Find in-depth information of name
»   List Names that means ...

Names List

»   Gender of names
»   Luck for names
»   Auspicious stone list
»   Numerology of names
»   Sibling name list
»   Rashi of names list

Surname (Family name) search tools

»   Find a Surname (Search Surname)
»   Find Meaning of Surname
»   Find Origin of Surname
»   List Surnames similar to...

Health Tools

»   BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index)
»   Body Fat Calculator
»   BMR Calculator (daily calorie requirement)
»   Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator
»   Calories Calculator (Calories burned in different activities)
»   Calories in food (Find calories in common food items)
»   Baby Growth Calculator
»   Ideal Weight Calculator (for Adult)
»   Weight Management (for Adult)


»   Zodiac Astrology
»   Chinese Astrology
»   Find your star sign
»   Find Name Numerology
»   Find Compatibility by Zodiac (Rashi)
»   Birthday Compatibility Calculator
»   Astrological Compatibility of Name (Name compatibility)
»   Find your Birthstone
»   Find Lucky number, color, stone, day and more
»   Find Auspicious stones for your name
»   Chinese Star sign Compatibility
»   Birth-date Compatibility using Chinese Astrology


»   Due Date Calculator (Pregnancy)
»   Fetal Growth Calculator (Fetal growth in different weeks)
»   Fetal Size Calculator (Size of fetus in different weeks)
»   Pregnancy Week by Week
»   Pregnancy Month by Month
»   Pregnancy Trimester
»   Signs or Symptoms of Pregnancy
»   Pregnancy Tests
»   Birth Control  (Family Planning)