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kid wetting bed

The most peevish experience for both kids and parents are kids wetting the bed at night. Based on our Indian culture many parents punish their children, this is certainly not the right way to deal with this problem. Parents are required to take a healthy approach without abusing, resentment or anger. The best way to deal with any problems related to kids is to make them understand the issue without any force or anger

First thing that should be consider here is to know as why do kids wet a bed? There are many reasons and most of them are related to the emotional and physiological functioning of body. Simply to list few of them...

Deep Sleeps:
Most common reason for the kids wetting bed is a deep-sleep pattern that is common across all child till they attend certain age (usually 5~6 years). During deep-sleep brain of small kids ignores the signal of bladder being full and they loose control over the physiological process and urinate. Wetting in bed due to deep-sleep can be minimized by proper training, here the parents should immediately take their child to toilet whenever they feel uncomfortable during deep-sleep. Kids can be taught to wake up and pee in the bathroom. Children usually press their legs or bend or move across bed or move their legs whenever they feel uncomfortable before wetting in bed.

Small Urinary Bladder:
In few children usually below age two, urinary bladder is not yet fully grown. Whenever the child consumes more liquid before sleep, Kidney filters out more liquid than the bladder can hold in entire night and the urination occurs. Thought not recommended and if no other technique works, kids should be avoided with too much liquid intake just before sleep. Here parents should distribute the intake of water, caffeine, lemonades, energy drinks etc. during day and should avoid too much liquid to their child just before they sleep and if not possible then liquid intake should be minimized during and after dinner

Parents and their grandparents are also responsible for bedwetting process of their child, Researches shows that if both parents have been bedwetting until age of 6 then their kids have 75% chances of repeating it. If either one of the parents were wetting bed then chances are 44% and still if neither of their parents were bedwetting but their parents were (grand parent of kid) then there is 22% chances of kids bedwetting

Bedwetting in kids of below age 1 years should not be taken seriously. Older kids should be trained to wake up and pee in the toilet whenever need arises. Parents should counsel and advise child the harm of bedwetting and the benefits of waking up and urinating in toilet whenever the need arises.

As more liquids in-take during or after dinner tends to produce more urine at night. Excess of liquids such as water, caffeine, lemonades, energy drinks etc. should be minimized during and after dinner. Parents are advised to make a daily routine of urinating their kids before they go to bed so that the kids will have their bladder empty during sleep.

Parents should train their children and still should continue with diaper and if diaper remains dry at-least for one week then parents can allow child to go to bed without diaper on. In case of accidents, parents should never shout or abuse child, parent should comfort the child and say to them that it just happened and will not be happening again.

Getting rid of bedwetting is a lengthy and very slow process and requiring considerable patience.

Please be advised, thought very rare bedwetting can also be because of kidney related problems like kidney stones  or breathing disorder commonly known as the sleep apnea, parents should consult doctor if they observe disrupted breathing or abdominal pain in kid