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Meaning:  Goddess Durga

List of Names that means 'Goddess Durga'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AaryaIndianGoddess Parvati; Goddess DurgaGirl
Adi ShaktiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
Adi-ShaktiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
AishaniIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
AishaniSanskritGoddess DurgaGirl
AmbaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
AmbaIndianGoddess Parvati; Goddess Durga; MotherGirl
AnikaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
AnnadaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
AnnikaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
AnwitaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
AparajitaIndianUndefeated; Nightingale (Koel); Goddess DurgaGirl
ArshiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
AryaIndianHonored; Noble; Goddess Parvati; Goddess DurgaGirl
AryahiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
BairaviIndianGoddess Durga; MusicGirl
BalavikarnikaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
BaruniIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
BhagavathiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
BhagavatiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
BhagwatiIndianGoddess DurgaBoy
BhagwatiIndianLucky; Goddess DurgaGirl
BhagwatiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
BhagwatiSanskritLucky; Goddess DurgaGirl
BhairaviIndianMelody in classical music; Goddess Durga; Musical raagaGirl
BhairaviIndianGoddess Durga; Musical notesGirl
BhargaviIndianGoddess Durga; Laxmi; Parvati; Daughter of SunBoy
BhargaviIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
BhavaniIndianGoddess Parvati; Goddess DurgaGirl
BhavaniSanskritGoddess Parvati; Goddess DurgaGirl
BhawanidasIndianDevotee of goddess DurgaBoy
BheemaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
ChandikaIndianDiminutive of Chandana; Goddess DurgaGirl
ChandikaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
ChandikaIndianGoddess Durga; Diminutive of ChandanaGirl
DakshayaniIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
DakshayaniIndianGoddess Durga; The daughter of DakshaGirl
DakshayaniSanskritGoddess Durga; The daughter of DakshaGirl
DarsaniIndianWorth looking; Another name for Goddess DurgaGirl
DarsaniIndianWorth looking at; Goddess DurgaGirl
DeeherIndianOf Goddess Durga and lord Shiva's strengthGirl
DeveshiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
DevidasIndianServant or devotee of goddess DurgaBoy
DevishiIndianChief of goddesses; Goddess DurgaGirl
DevishiIndianChief of the goddesses; Goddess DurgaGirl
Dhinushshini DeviIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
DigambariIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
DurgaIndianThe Inaccessible; Goddess Durga; Goddess ParvatiGirl
DurgaSanskritGoddess Durga; Parvati; DeviGirl
DurgadasIndianServant or devotee of Goddess DurgaBoy
DurgaduttIndianGift from goddess DurgaBoy
DurgaduttIndianGift of goddess DurgaBoy
DurgeshwariIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
DurgeshwariSanskritGoddess DurgaGirl
EkaIndianMatchless; Alone; Unique; Goddess DurgaGirl
EkaaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
EkaaIndianMatchless; Alone; Unique; Goddess DurgaGirl
EkaparnikaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
EkaparnikaSanskritGoddess DurgaGirl
GangiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
GargiIndianName of a learned woman; Goddess Durga; ScholarGirl
IshaIndianOne who protects; Goddess DurgaGirl
IshaIndianGoddess Durga; The female energyGirl
IshaIndianGoddess Durga; Energy; One who protectsGirl
IshanaIndianRich; Goddess DurgaGirl
IshanaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
IshaniIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
IshiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
JagadambikaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
JagamataIndianMother of the world; Goddess DurgaGirl
JagamohiniIndianOne who attracts the world; Goddess DurgaGirl
JaganmohiniIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
JayaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
JayaIndianVictory; Victorious; Goddess DurgaGirl
JayaSanskritVictory; Victorious; Goddess DurgaGirl
JayalalitaIndianVictorious; Goddess DurgaGirl
JayalalitaIndianVictorious goddess DurgaGirl
JayantikaIndianGoddess Durga; Goddess ParvatiBoy
JayantikaIndianGoddess Durga; Goddess ParvatiGirl
JayantikaIndianGoddess Durga; ParvatiGirl
JyotsanaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
JyotsanaIndianMoon light; Goddess DurgaGirl
JyotsanaIndianRadiant like flames; Goddess Durga; Moon lightGirl
JyotsanaSanskritRadiant Like Flames; Goddess DurgaGirl
JyotsnaIndianMoon light; Goddess DurgaGirl
JyotsnaIndianRadiant like flames; Goddess Durga; Moon lightGirl
JyotsnaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
KaamakyaIndianGoddess Durga; Granter of wishesGirl
KalicharanIndianDevotee of goddess Kali; Feet of goddess Kali (Goddess Durga)Boy
KalkaIndianGoddess Durga; Pupil of the eyeGirl
KamakyaIndianGoddess Durga; Granter of wishesGirl
KapaliniIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
KapaliniIndianAnother name for goddess DurgaGirl
KaralaIndianGoddess Durga; Opening wide; TearingGirl
KaralikaIndianGoddess Durga; One that tearsGirl
KaushikiIndianGoddess Durga; Enveloped with silkGirl
KautiryaIndianGoddess Durga; One who resides in a hutGirl
KiratiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
KshamaIndianForgiveness; Mercy; Goddess DurgaGirl
KshemaIndianGoddess Durga; peaceful; TranquilGirl
KshemaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
KshemyaIndianGoddess Durga; Goddess of welfareGirl
KshemyaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
KujaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
KumariIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
KumariIndianYouthful; Unmarried; Goddess DurgaGirl
KumariSanskritA girl or daughter; Goddess DurgaGirl
LeelavatiIndianPlayful; Goddess DurgaGirl
LilavatiIndianPlayful; Goddess DurgaGirl
LilavatiIndianGod's will; Goddess DurgaGirl
LilavatiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
MahadeviIndianGoddess Parvati; Goddess DurgaGirl
MahagauriIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
MahakaliIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
MahamayaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
MaheshwariIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
ManasviniIndianGoddess Durga; Proud; GoodGirl
MarudhvathiIndianGoddess Durga; Aadi shakthiGirl
MarudhvathiIndianSynonym for goddess Durga; Aadi shakthiGirl
MatangiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
MonikaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
NandaIndianHappiness; Daughter; Goddess Durga; Great achieverGirl
NandanaIndianDaughter; Goddess DurgaGirl
NandanaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
NandanaIndianHappiness; Daughter; Goddess Durga; Great achieverGirl
NandiIndianGoddess Durga; One who pleases othersGirl
NandiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
NandiIndianGoddess Durga; One who pleasesGirl
NandiniIndianDaughter; One Who Brings Joy; Ganga; Goddess DurgaGirl
NandiniIndianGoddess Durga; A delightful goddessGirl
NandiniIndianA holy cow; Bestower of joy; Goddess Durga; A delightful goddessGirl
NarayaniIndianGoddess Laxmi; Goddess DurgaGirl
NavadurgaIndianAll nine forms of goddess DurgaGirl
NiranjanaIndianName of a river; Goddess Durga; Night of full moonGirl
NiranjanaIndianName of a river; Goddess Durga; The night of the full moonGirl
NiranjanaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
ParameshwariIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
ParmeshwariIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
ParvatiIndianWife of lord Shiva; Goddess DurgaGirl
ParvatiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
PatalaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
PingaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
PinglaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
PragalbhaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
PuralaIndianGoddess Durga; Guardian of fortressesGirl
RatrinightIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
ReemaIndianGoddess Durga; White antelopeGirl
RimaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
RudrabhiraviIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
RudrakaliIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
RudrapriyaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SadabhujaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SadhanaIndianLong practice; Long study; Fulfillment; Goddess DurgaGirl
SadhanaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SadhanaIndianGoddess Durga; Long practice; FulfillmentGirl
SadhikaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SadhikaIndianAchiever; Goddess DurgaGirl
SamanvitaIndianName of goddess DurgaBoy
SamanvitaIndianGoddess DurgaBoy
SanataniIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SantatiIndianGranter of issues; Goddess DurgaGirl
SarbaniIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SaritaIndianGoddess Durga; RiverGirl
SarvagjnaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SarvajinaIndianGoddess Durga; One who knows everythingGirl
SarvaniIndianGoddess Durga; Universal; CompleteGirl
SashrikaIndianGoddess Durga's nameGirl
SashrikaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SasthiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SattvikiIndianGoddess Durga; True; Pure; HonestGirl
SatvikaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SatvikiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SaumyaaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
ShaktiIndianGoddess Durga; PowerfulGirl
ShaktiIndianGoddess Durga; PowerGirl
ShambhaviIndianGoddess Durga; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ShambhaviIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SharadaIndianGoddess Durga; Goddess of learning; Goddess SaraswatiGirl
SharadaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SharanyaIndianSurrender; Goddess DurgaGirl
SharanyaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SharanyaIndianGoddess Durga; SurrenderGirl
SharikaIndianMayna; Goddess DurgaGirl
SharikaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SharvaniIndianGoddess Durga; Goddess ParvatiGirl
SharvaniIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
ShatakshiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
ShibaniIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
ShivakantaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
ShivapriyaIndianLiked by lord Shiva; Goddess DurgaGirl
ShivapriyaIndianLiked by lord Shiva and goddess DurgaGirl
ShivapriyaIndianLiked by Shiva goddess DurgaGirl
ShivapriyaIndianLiked by Shiva; Goddess DurgaGirl
ShivasundariIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
ShrividyaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
ShuddhiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
ShuliniIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
ShyamaIndianDark as cloud; Goddess Kali; Goddess DurgaGirl
ShyamaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
ShyamalaIndianDusky; Goddess DurgaGirl
ShyamalaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SiddhamaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SinhayanaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SrirudraIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
StutiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
StutiIndianPraise; Goddess DurgaGirl
SubhadraIndianA wife of lord Arjun; Goddess DurgaGirl
SubhadraIndianGoddess Durga; Wife of ArjunGirl
SubhadraIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SurasaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SureshiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SureshwariIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SureshwariIndianGoddess Durga; Goddess LaxmiGirl
TanisiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
TanviIndianBeautiful; Goddess DurgaGirl
TanviIndianSlender; Beautiful; Delicate; Goddess DurgaGirl
TaritaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
ToshaniIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
TraritiIndianGoddess Durga; Agile; Efficient; SwiftGirl
TribhuvaneshwariIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
TrigunaIndianMaya or illusion; Goddess DurgaGirl
TrigunaIndianMaya; Illusion; Goddess DurgaGirl
TrinayaniIndianThree eyed; Goddess DurgaGirl
TrinayaniIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
TrinetraIndianThree eyed; Goddess DurgaGirl
TrinetraIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
TripuraIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
TriputaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
TrishuliniIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
TvaritaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
VajraIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
VajraIndianDiamond; Goddess DurgaGirl
VamaIndianWoman; Lady; Goddess DurgaGirl
VamdeviIndianGoddess Durga; SavitriGirl
VamikaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
VaralikaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
VaruniIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
VasanaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
VetaliIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
VidhyaIndianWisdom; Knowledge; Learning; Goddess DurgaGirl
VidyaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
VidyaIndianWisdom; Knowledge; Learning; Goddess DurgaGirl
VidyaIndianLearning; Goddess DurgaGirl
VipushaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
VishalakshiIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
VishalakshiIndianLarge eyed; Goddess DurgaGirl
WamikaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
YadaviIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
YateeIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
YatiIndianGoddess DurgaBoy
YogeshwariIndianGoddess DurgaGirl

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