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 Names meaning 'Goddess Parvati'

Name that means

Meaning:  Goddess Parvati

List of Names that means 'Goddess Parvati'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AadyaIndianGoddess Parvati; Name of AadisaktiGirl
AaryaIndianGoddess Parvati; Goddess DurgaGirl
AaryaSanskritGoddess Parvati; DurgaGirl
AbhiramiIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
AbhithaIndianFearless; Goddess ParvatiGirl
AbhithaIndianFearless (goddess Parvati)Girl
AdrijaIndianOf the mountain; Goddess ParvatiGirl
AkshainieIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
AkshainieSanskritGoddess ParvatiGirl
AkulaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
AkulaSanskritGoddess ParvatiGirl
AmbaIndianGoddess Parvati; Goddess Durga; MotherGirl
AmbikaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
AnnapurnaIndianGoddess Parvati; Generous with foodGirl
AnnapurnaSanskritDevi Bhagavati; Goddess of Food; Goddess Parvati; Generous with foodGirl
AparnaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
AryaIndianHonored; Noble; Goddess Parvati; Goddess DurgaGirl
AryaSanskritGoddess Parvati; DurgaGirl
AvanijaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
BhargaviIndianGoddess Parvati; Beautiful; CharmingGirl
BhargaviSanskritGoddess Parvati; Beautiful; CharmingGirl
BhavaniIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
BhavaniIndianGoddess Parvati; Goddess DurgaGirl
BhavaniSanskritGoddess Parvati; Goddess DurgaGirl
BhavyaIndianGrand; Splendid; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ChalamaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
DhatriIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
DhatriIndianEarth; Goddess ParvatiGirl
DhatriIndianEarth; Goddess Parvati; A solar deity; Representative of the sunGirl
DhatriSanskritEarth; Goddess Parvati; A solar deity; Representative of the sunGirl
DurgaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
DurgaIndianThe Inaccessible; Goddess Durga; Goddess ParvatiGirl
EeshaIndianGoddess Parvati; PurityGirl
EshaIndianGoddess Parvati; Purity; Desire; PleasureGirl
EshaSanskritGoddess Parvati; Purity; DesireGirl
EshaniIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
EshankaIndianGoddess Parvati; Wife of lord ShivaGirl
EshankaIndianGoddess Parvati; Lord Shiva's wifeGirl
GaneshIndianSon of lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati; Lord GaneshBoy
GaneshIndianSon of lord Shiva and goddess Parvati; Lord GaneshBoy
GauraIndianFair woman; Goddess Parvati; Name of a raagaGirl
GauriIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
GauriIndianFair woman; Goddess ParvatiGirl
GirajaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
GiribalaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
GirijaIndianBorn of a mountain; Goddess ParvatiGirl
GirijaIndianBorn of mountain; Goddess ParvatiGirl
GirijaIndianDaughter of mountain; Goddess ParvatiGirl
GirijaSanskritGoddess Parvati; Consort of lord ShivaGirl
GirishaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
GirjaIndianGoddess Parvati; Consort of lord ShivaGirl
GirjaSanskritGoddess Parvati; Consort of lord ShivaGirl
GormaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
GorochanaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
GowriIndianBright; Goddess ParvatiGirl
HaimaIndianGoddess Parvati; SnowGirl
HaimavathiIndianGoddess Parvati; Lord Shiva's wifeGirl
HaimavatiIndianGoddess Parvati; Lord Shiva's wifeGirl
HemaniIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
HemavatiIndianGolden goddess ParvatiGirl
HemavatiIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
HemavatinandanIndianSon of goddess ParvatiBoy
HimagouriIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
HimajaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
HimaliIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
HimaniIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
HimaniIndianFair; Snowy; Goddess ParvatiGirl
HimaniIndianGlacier; Goddess ParvatiGirl
HimaniSanskritGlacier; Goddess ParvatiGirl
HymaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
IdhikaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
IshaniIndianGoddess Parvati; Wife of lord ShivaGirl
IshaniIndianGoddess Parvati; Lord Shiva's wifeGirl
IshanviIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
JayaIndianSalutation; Victory; Goddess ParvatiGirl
JayantiIndianVictorious; Goddess ParvatiGirl
JayantiIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
JayantikaIndianGoddess Durga; Goddess ParvatiBoy
JayantikaIndianGoddess Durga; Goddess ParvatiGirl
KaalanjariIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
KaishoriIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
KalavatiIndianArtistic; Goddess ParvatiGirl
KaliIndianBud; Goddess ParvatiGirl
KameshvariIndianGoddess Parvati; Goddess of desiresGirl
KathyayaniIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
KathyayaniIndianGoddess Parvati in her motherly roleGirl
KatyayaniIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
LaasyaIndianDance performed by Goddess ParvatiGirl
LaaysaIndianDance performed by Goddess ParvatiGirl
LaghimaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
LasyaIndianDance performed by goddess ParvatiGirl
LasyaIndianGraceful; Dance performed by goddess ParvatiGirl
MahadeviIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
MahadeviIndianGoddess Parvati; Goddess DurgaGirl
MaheshiIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
MangalaIndianAuspicious; Bliss; Goddess ParvatiGirl
MeenakshiIndianGoddess Parvati; One with beautiful eyesGirl
MenajaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
MinakshiIndianGoddess Parvati; One with fish shaped eyesGirl
MridiniIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
MrudaIndianGoddess Parvati; AffectionateGirl
MrudaniIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
NaidhruaIndianGoddess Parvati; Almost perfectGirl
NakulaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
NityaIndianConstant; Eternal; Goddess Parvati; Ever presentGirl
OmkareshwariIndianGoddess Parvati; GauriGirl
OmkariIndianGoddess Parvati; GauriGirl
OparnaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
PanchamiIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
ParnikaIndianA small leaf; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ParnikaIndianSmall Leaf; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ParvatipreetIndianGoddess Parvati's inspirationBoy
ParvatipreetIndianGoddess Parvati's InspirationsBoy
PranaviIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
PranikaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
RajeshwariIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
RajeshwariIndianGoddess Parvati; QueenGirl
RameshwariIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
RudraIndianGoddess Parvati; Consort of lord Shiva; CryingGirl
RudraniIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
RudraniIndianWife of lord Shiva (Rudra); Goddess ParvatiGirl
SankariIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
ShailaIndianGoddess Parvati; Living in mountainGirl
ShailaIndianLiving in mountain; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ShailaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
ShailajaIndianName of a river; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ShailajaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
ShailajaIndianRiver; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ShailashaIndianGoddess Parvati; One who lives in the mountainGirl
ShakambariIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
ShakiniIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
ShalakaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
ShalakhaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
ShambhaviIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
ShambhaviIndianGoddess Durga; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ShankariIndianWife of lord Shiva; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ShankariIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
ShantalaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
SharvaniIndianGoddess Durga; Goddess ParvatiGirl
SharvaniIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
ShatakshiIndianOne with hundreds of eyes; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ShivakantaIndianWife of lord Shiva; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ShivaliIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
ShivaniIndianGoddess Parvati; Wife of lord ShivaGirl
ShivaniIndianWife of lord Shiva; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ShivaniIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
ShivanjaliIndianWife of lord Shiva; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ShivanneIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
ShrigauriIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
ShylaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
SibaniIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
SivaneeIndianGoddess Parvati; Wife of Goddess ShivaGirl
SivasankariIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
SonakshiIndianGolden eyed; Goddess ParvatiGirl
SonakshiIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
SugauriIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
SugouriIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
SumangliIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
SuparnaIndianLeafy; Lotus; Goddess ParvatiGirl
SuparnaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
SuparnaIndianLeafy; Goddess ParvatiGirl
Swarna GowriIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
TarakeshwariIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
TariniIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
TarkeshwariIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
TriambikaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
TrijagatiIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
TrilochanaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
TripurasundariIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
TripuriIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
UmaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
UmaSanskritGoddess ParvatiGirl
UmachandraIndianUma ( Goddess Parvati) and Lord ShivaBoy
UmaprasadIndianBlessing of goddess ParvatiBoy
UmaputraIndianSon of goddess Uma; Goddess ParvatiBoy
UmaputraIndianSon of goddess Parvati (Uma)Boy
UmasuthanIndianSon of goddess ParvatiBoy
UmikaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
UrjaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
UrjaIndianEnergy; Goddess ParvatiGirl
VaishaviIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess ParvatiGirl
VaishaviIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
VaishnaviIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess Parvati; Tulsi (Basil)Girl
VaishnaviSanskritGoddess Parvati; Worshipper of lord VishnuGirl
VaishnoIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess ParvatiGirl
VaishnoSanskritGoddess Parvati; Worshipper of lord VishnuGirl
VaishnodeviIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess ParvatiGirl
VaishnodeviIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
VaishodeviIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess ParvatiBoy
VaishviIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess ParvatiGirl
VaishviSanskritGoddess Parvati; Worshipper of lord VishnuGirl
VallariIndianGoddess Parvati; CreeperGirl
VallariIndianGoddess Parvati; Creeper; Goddess SitaGirl
VanadurgaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
VaraIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
VaraIndianBlessing; Goddess ParvatiGirl
VaraaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl
VetrivelIndianSon of goddess ParvatiBoy
VishnumayaIndianGoddess ParvatiGirl

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