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 Rashi of Persian (Iranian) Girl names (find page-links at the bottom of page)  
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 Name Gender Origin
AfareenGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AfsanehGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AfsarGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AfshanGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AfsoonGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AghighGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AhooGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AhouGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AkhtarGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AkramUnisexArabic, Indian, Persian (Iranian)
AlalehGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AmardadUnisexIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AmeretatGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AnahitaGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AnooshehGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AnushehGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AraGirlArabic, Indian, Persian (Iranian)
ArezooGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
ArezouGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
ArezuGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
ArghavanGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
ArmaghanGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
ArshiaUnisexIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AryaUnisexIndian, Persian (Iranian), Sanskrit
ArzuGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian), Turkish
AsaUnisexBiblical, Hebrew, Indian, Japanese, Persian (Iranian)
AsalGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AshrafUnisexIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AssiehGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AtefehGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AtifehGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AtoosaGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AvaGirlEnglish, Indian, Persian (Iranian)
AvizehGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AzadehGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AzarGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AzinGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
AzitaGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
BahameenGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
BahaminGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
BaharGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian), Turkish
BaharakGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
BaharehGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
BanafshehGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
BanouGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
BanuGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian), Turkish
BeetaGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
BehbahaGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
BehnazGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
BehrokhGirlIndian, Persian (Iranian)
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