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 World River Names

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World river  
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  World River Names   Meaning   Region
  Alph River      Antarctica
  Amazon River   Boat Destroyer   South America
  Angara   The mouth of a wild beast   Asia
  Apies   Little Apes   Africa
  Aravand-Rud   Fast river   Asia
  Argeş   Bright   Europe
  Asaro River      Papua New Guinea
  Athabasca   Where there are plants   North America
  Avana River      Cook Islands
  Avon   River   Europe
  Avonbeg   Small river   Europe
  Avonmore   Big river   Europe
  Awbeg   Small river   Europe
  Ba River      Fiji
  Bae River      Papua New Guinea
  Berg   Mountain   Africa
  Bistriţa   Bistrica   Europe
  Blood   Blood river   Africa
  Bow      North America
  Brahmaputra   Son of God Brahma   Asia
  Brazos   The Arms of God   North America
  Breede   Wide   Africa
  Burnett River      Australasia
  Cam   Crooked   Europe
  Campaspe River      Australasia
  Canadian River      North America
  Caras   Kara   Europe
  Chang Jiang   Long river   Asia
  Chattahoochee      North America
  Chimbu River      Papua New Guinea
  Chinese   Ocean child   Asia
  Clanrye   Harbour of the king   Europe
  Clwyd   Hurdle   Europe
  Colorado   Red-Colored; Reddish   North America
  Columbia      North America
  Cooper Creek      Australasia
  Cumberland      North America
  Dacian      Europe
  Daintree River      Australasia
  Daly River      Australasia
Page:   12345                                       



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