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List of Names meaning 'Exalted One'

Aali  (عالي)ArabianLofty,  Sublime,  The High,  Exalted OneBoy
Aaliyah  (عالية)ArabianLofty,  Sublime,  The High,  Exalted OneGirl
AaronHebrewExalted One,  High,  High MountainBoy
AharonHebrewExalted One,  High,  High MountainBoy
AleaEnglishThe High,  Exalted oneGirl
AleaIndianThe High,  Exalted oneGirl
Ali  (عليّ)ArabianLofty,  Sublime,  The High,  Exalted OneBoy
AliyaArabianThe High,  Exalted OneGirl
AliyyaArabianThe High,  Exalted OneGirl
AliyyahArabianThe High,  Exalted OneGirl
AlmiraEnglishNobly famous,  Exalted one,  PrincessGirl
AlmiraIndianNobly famous,  Exalted one,  PrincessGirl
ArekPolishThe Exalted OneBoy
AronPolishThe Exalted OneBoy
BiddyEnglishExalted oneGirl
BiddyIndianExalted oneGirl
BirgitScandinavianExalted oneGirl
BirgittaFinnishExalted OneGirl
BirgittaScandinavianExalted OneGirl
BirgitteDanishExalted OneGirl
BirteDanishExalted OneGirl
BredaEnglishExalted oneGirl
BredaIndianExalted oneGirl
BreedaEnglishExalted oneGirl
BreedaIndianExalted oneGirl
BridgetEnglishExalted oneGirl
BridgetIndianExalted oneGirl
BridgetteEnglishExalted oneGirl
BridgetteIndianExalted oneGirl
BridieEnglishExalted oneGirl
BridieIndianExalted oneGirl
BrigidLatinExalted OneGirl
BrigidaItalianExalted OneGirl
BrigidaLatinExalted OneGirl
BrigitEnglishExalted oneGirl
BrigitIndianExalted oneGirl
BrigittaHungarianExalted OneGirl
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List of Surnames meaning 'Exalted One'

SurnameOriginIn LocalMeaning
KendallEnglish Exalted Effigy
KendallWelsh Exalted Effigy
Origin:  ItalianHebrewEnglishWelshArabicHungarianLatinScandinavianFinnishPolishDanishIndian
Religion:  MuslimChristian
Rashi:  Mesh
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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