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List of Names meaning 'From Hadria'

AdorjainHungarianFrom HadriaBoy
AdreaEnglishFrom HadriaGirl
AdreaIndianRich,  From HadriaGirl
AdreanaEnglishFrom HadriaGirl
AdreanaIndianRich,  From HadriaGirl
AdreanaLatinFrom HadriaGirl
AdreeaEnglishFrom HadriaGirl
AdreeaIndianRich,  From HadriaGirl
AdriaEnglishFrom HadriaGirl
AdriaIndianRich,  From HadriaGirl
AdriaanDutchFrom HadriaBoy
AdrianEnglishFrom HadriaBoy
AdrianIndianRich,  From HadriaBoy
AdrianSpanishDark,  From HadriaBoy
AdrianaEnglishFrom HadriaGirl
AdrianaIndianRich,  From HadriaGirl
AdrianaItalianDark,  from HadriaGirl
AdrianaLatinFrom HadriaGirl
AdrianaSpanishDark,  From HadriaGirl
AdrianahEnglishFrom HadriaGirl
AdrianahIndianRich,  From HadriaGirl
AdrianeEnglishFrom HadriaGirl
AdrianeIndianRich,  From HadriaGirl
AdriannaEnglishFrom HadriaGirl
AdriannaIndianRich,  From HadriaGirl
AdriannaPolishFrom HadriaGirl
AdriannahEnglishFrom HadriaGirl
AdriannahIndianRich,  From HadriaGirl
AdrianneEnglishFrom HadriaGirl
AdrianneIndianRich,  From HadriaGirl
AdrianoItalianDark,  from HadriaBoy
AdrianoSpanishDark,  From HadriaBoy
AdrianusDutchFrom HadriaBoy
AdrianusLatinFrom HadriaBoy
AdrieEnglishFrom HadriaGirl
AdrieIndianRich,  From HadriaGirl
AdrienaEnglishFrom HadriaGirl
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List of Surnames meaning 'From Hadria'

SurnameOriginIn LocalMeaning
AdrianEnglish From Hadria
HadrianEnglish From Hadria
Origin:  ItalianEnglishSpanishHungarianLatinDutchPolishIndian
Religion:  Christian
Rashi:  Mesh
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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