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List of Names meaning 'God Is My Judge'

DaanDutchGod is My JudgeBoy
DanEnglishGod is my judgeBoy
DanHebrewGod is my JudgeBoy
DanIndianGod is my judgeBoy
DanaeHebrewGod is my JudgeGirl
Danail  (Данаил)BulgarianGod Is My JudgeBoy
DaneilHungarianGod is my JudgeBoy
DanekPolishGod is my JudgeBoy
DanelHebrewGod is my JudgeBoy
DaneleHebrewGod is my JudgeGirl
DanellHebrewGod is my JudgeBoy
DanelleHebrewGod is my JudgeGirl
DanesCzech & SlovakGod is my JudgeBoy
DanettaHebrewGod is my JudgeGirl
DanetteEnglishGod is my judgeGirl
DanetteHebrewGod is my JudgeGirl
DanetteIndianGod is my judgeGirl
DaniEnglishGod is my judgeUnisex
DaniHebrewGod is my JudgeBoy
DaniIndianGod is my judgeUnisex
DaniSpanishGod is my judgeGirl
DaniaEnglishGod is my judgeGirl
DaniaHebrewGod is my JudgeGirl
DaniaIndianGod is my judgeGirl
DanielEnglishGod is my judgeBoy
DanielFrenchGod is my judgeBoy
DanielHebrewGod is my JudgeBoy
DanielIndianGod is my judgeBoy
DanielNorwegianGod is my judgeBoy
DanielPolishGod is my JudgeBoy
DanielPortugueseGod is my JudgeBoy
DanielSpanishGod is my judgeBoy
DanielaHebrewGod is my JudgeGirl
DanielaItalianGod is my JudgeGirl
DanielaPolishGod is my JudgeGirl
DanielaSpanishGod is my judgeGirl
DanielaUkrainianGod is my JudgeGirl
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Origin:  BulgarianPortugueseDutchPolishIndianCzech & SlovakNorwegianHebrewUkrainianEnglishFrenchItalianHungarianSpanish
Religion:  Christian
Rashi:  Min
Graha:  Guru (Jupiter)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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