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List of Names meaning 'Musical'

AalapIndianMusical,  Prelude to a ragaBoy
AlaapIndianMusical notes in an orderBoy
AlaapIndianMusical notes in a orderBoy
BeenaIndianMusical instrumentGirl
BeenaIndianA musical instrumentGirl
BhairaviIndianGoddess Durga,  Musical notesGirl
BhairaviIndianMelody in classical music,  Goddess Durga,  Musical raagaGirl
BinaIndianMusical instrumentGirl
BinaIndianMelodious,  Musical instrumentGirl
BinaIndianMelodious,  A musical instrumentGirl
ChinaEnglishMusical InstrumentGirl
ChinaIndianMusical InstrumentGirl
ChynaEnglishMusical InstrumentGirl
ChynaIndianMusical InstrumentGirl
KinnariIndianMusical instrumentGirl
LabukiIndianMusical instrumentGirl
LayaIndianMusical rhythmGirl
LumbikaIndianMusical instrumentGirl
LumbikaIndianA musical instrumentGirl
NishadIndianSeventh note on Indian musical scaleBoy
PolyhymniaLatinVery Musical,  Many Hymns,  SongGirl
RababIndianWhite cloud,  A musical instrument.Girl
RishabIndianSuperior,  Morality,  A musical noteBoy
RishabhIndianSuperior,  Morality,  A musical noteBoy
RuanaIndianString musical instrumentGirl
SarangIndianMusical instrument,  Sun God,  Jewel,  Spotted deerBoy
SarangIndianJewel,  Musical instrument,  Sun GodBoy
SargamIndianMusical notesBoy
ShruthiIndianLyrics,  Musical notesGirl
ShrutiIndianKnowledge of Vedas,  Musical pitchGirl
ShrutiIndianLyrics,  Musical notes,  Knowledge of VedasGirl
ShrutiIndianExpert in Vedas,  Knowledge of Vedas,  Musical pitch,  Having knowledge of scripturesGirl
SurIndianA musical noteBoy
SurIndianMusical noteBoy
SurdaasIndianServant of musical tunesBoy
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