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List of Names meaning 'Noble And Ready'

AdelfonsusLatinNoble and readyBoy
AffonsoPortugueseNoble and readyBoy
AfonsoPortugueseNoble and readyBoy
AlfonsGermanNoble and ReadyBoy
AlfonsinaItalianNoble and ReadyGirl
AlfonsusLatinNoble and readyBoy
AlfonzoEnglishNoble and readyBoy
AlfonzoIndianNoble and readyBoy
AlfonzusLatinNoble and readyBoy
AlonsaSpanishNoble and Ready,  Eager for battleGirl
AlonsoSpanishNoble and Ready,  Eager for battleBoy
AlonzoEnglishNoble and readyBoy
AlonzoIndianNoble and readyBoy
AlonzoItalianNoble and ReadyBoy
AlphonsineEnglishNoble and readyGirl
AlphonsineIndianNoble and readyGirl
AlphonsoItalianNoble and ReadyBoy
AlphonsusLatinNoble and readyBoy
AlphonzoEnglishNoble and readyBoy
AlphonzoIndianNoble and readyBoy
AlphonzusLatinNoble and readyBoy
FonsItalianNoble and ReadyBoy
FonsieItalianNoble and ReadyBoy
FonzEnglishNoble and readyBoy
FonzIndianNoble and readyBoy
FonzItalianNoble and ReadyBoy
FonzieEnglishNoble and readyBoy
FonzieIndianNoble and readyBoy
FonzieItalianNoble and ReadyBoy
LonEnglishNoble and readyBoy
LonIndianNoble and readyBoy
LonnieEnglishNoble and readyBoy
LonnieIndianNoble and readyBoy
LonnyEnglishNoble and readyBoy
LonnyIndianNoble and readyBoy
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Religion:  Christian
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