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List of Names meaning 'Noble Wolf'

AadolfFinnishNoble WolfBoy
AattoFinnishNoble WolfBoy
AatuFinnishNoble WolfBoy
AdalwolfGermanNoble WolfBoy
AdalwulfGermanNoble WolfBoy
AdalwulfTeutonicNoble wolfBoy
AdelulfGermanNoble WolfBoy
AdolfGermanNoble WolfBoy
AdolfNorwegianNoble wolfBoy
AdolfoGermanNoble WolfBoy
AdolfoItalianNoble WolfBoy
AdolfusLatinNoble WolfBoy
AdolphEnglishNoble wolfBoy
AdolphGermanNoble WolfBoy
AdolphIndianNoble wolfBoy
AdolphaEnglishNoble wolfGirl
AdolphaIndianNoble wolfGirl
AdolphaLatinNoble WolfGirl
AdolpheFrenchNoble WolfBoy
AdolphoSpanishNoble WolfBoy
AdolphusGermanNoble WolfBoy
AdolphusLatinNoble WolfBoy
AethelwulfAnglo-SaxonNoble wolfBoy
AhlfGermanNoble WolfBoy
AlfNorwegianNoble wolfBoy
AlfhildNorwegianElf Battle,  Noble wolfGirl
AlvNorwegianNoble wolfBoy
AlvaNorwegianElf,  Noble wolfGirl
DolphEnglishNoble wolfBoy
DolphIndianNoble wolfBoy
DolphusGermanNoble WolfBoy
EthelwolfEnglishNoble wolfBoy
EthelwolfIndianNoble wolfBoy
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Origin:  ItalianIndianEnglishAnglo-SaxonLatinFinnishSpanishFrenchTeutonicGermanNorwegian
Religion:  Christian
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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