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List of Names meaning 'Not Evil'

AcaciaEnglishThorny Egyptian tree,  Not evilGirl
AcaciaIndianThorny Egyptian tree,  Not evilGirl
AcaciusLatinNot EvilBoy
Akakios  (Ακακιος)GreekEvilBoy
ArinjayIndianVictory over evilBoy
BhooteshwaraIndianLord of ghosts and evil beingsBoy
CaciaEnglishNot EvilGirl
CaciaIndianNot EvilGirl
ChathsEgyptianEvil EnderBoy
DevantakanashakarinIndianDestroyer of evils and asurasBoy
DushyantIndianDestroyer of evil,  Name of a kingBoy
DushyantIndianDestroyer of evilBoy
DushyantIndianName of a king,  Destroyer of evilBoy
DushyantaIndianName of a king,  Destroyer of evilBoy
Hashim  (هاشم)ArabianBroker,  Crusher of EvilBoy
JatinderIndianOne who has conquered the five evilsBoy
KazmerHungarianFamous Destroyer of EvilBoy
MallevilleFrenchFrom MallevilleBoy
MatchitehewNative AmericanHe Has an evil heartBoy
NamasthetuIndianVanquisher of all evils,  vices and sinsBoy
NamasthetuIndianVanquisher of all evils,  vices and sinsBoy
NamasthetuIndianVanquisher of all evils and vices and sinsBoy
NukpanaNative AmericanEvilUnisex
RunihuraEgyptianEvil DestroyerBoy
Teivel  (טעיוועל)YiddishDevilBoy
UddandaIndianNemesis of evils and vicesBoy
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