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List of Names meaning 'Oath'

AdalfieriItalianNoble OathBoy
AilsaEnglishGod is my oathGirl
AilsaIndianGod is my oathGirl
AlzbetaCzech & SlovakGod is my OathGirl
AnelieGermanFavor,  Grace,  God is my oathGirl
AnnaFinnishFavor,  Grace,  God Is My OathGirl
Anna LiisaFinnishFavor,  Grace,  God Is My OathGirl
AnnabethEnglishGod is my oathGirl
AnnabethIndianGod is my oathGirl
AnnaleisaGermanFavor,  Grace,  God is my oathGirl
AnnaliesaGermanFavor,  Grace,  God is my oathGirl
AnnalieseGermanFavor,  Grace,  God is my oathGirl
AnnalisaItalianFavor + God is my OathGirl
AnnelieGermanFavor,  Grace,  God is my oathGirl
AnnelienGermanFavor,  Grace,  God is my oathGirl
AnnelieseGermanFavor,  Grace,  God is my oathGirl
AnnelieseHebrewGracious,  God is my OathGirl
ArlanHebrewPledge,  OathBoy
ArlinHebrewPledge,  OathBoy
BabetteEnglishGod is my oathGirl
BabetteIndianGod is my oathGirl
BakariEgyptianNoble OathBoy
BathsevaHebrewDaughter of the OathGirl
BathshebaHebrewDaughter of the OathGirl
BatshebaHebrewDaughter of the OathGirl
BatshevaHebrewDaughter of the OathGirl
BeileagScottishGod is my OathGirl
BellaItalianGod is my OathGirl
BellaLatinGod is my oath,  BeautifulGirl
BerkantTurkishSolid OathBoy
BesartAlbanianGolden oathBoy
BessEnglishGod is my oathGirl
BessIndianGod is my oathGirl
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Religion:  HinduChristianMuslim
Rashi:  Mesh
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)
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