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List of Names meaning 'Thorn'

AcaciaEnglishThorny Egyptian tree,  Not evilGirl
AcaciaIndianThorny Egyptian tree,  Not evilGirl
DustinEnglishThor's stoneBoy
DustinIndianThor's stoneBoy
DustyEnglishThor's stoneBoy
DustyIndianThor's stoneBoy
HabrenWelshThorny cactus,  Name of a riverGirl
HafrenWelshThorny cactus,  Name of a riverGirl
HaldorNorwegianThor's rockBoy
SabrinaLatinThorny CactusGirl
ShamirEnglishA Message,  Tidings,  ThornBoy
ShamirIndianA Message,  Tidings,  ThornBoy
ThorleyEnglishThorn bush settlementBoy
ThorleyIndianThorn bush settlementBoy
ThorntonEnglishThorn bush settlementBoy
ThorntonIndianThorn bush settlementBoy
ThurstonEnglishThor's stoneBoy
ThurstonIndianThor's stoneBoy
TollakNorwegianThor's playBoy
TorhildNorwegianThor's battleGirl
TorleifNorwegianThor's descendentBoy
TormodNorwegianThor's mindBoy
TorvaldNorwegianThor's rockBoy
VinkurIndianPlant without thornsBoy

List of Surnames meaning 'Thorn'

SurnameOriginIn LocalMeaning
DustinEnglish Thor's Stone
ThorburnScottish Thor's Bear
ThorleyEnglish Thorn Clearing
ThorntonEnglish Thorn Bush Settlement
ThurstonEnglish Thor's Stone
Origin:  GreekEnglishNorwegianWelshSpanishLatinScottishIndian
Religion:  Christian
Rashi:  Vrushabh
Graha:  Shukra (Venus)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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