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GobindaIndianCowherd,  Lord KrishnaBoy
GobindaSanskritA cowherd,  Lord KrishnaBoy
GopaalIndianLord Krishna,  Cowherd,  Protector of cowsBoy
GopaalSanskritLord Krishna,  Cowherd,  Protector of cowsBoy
GopalIndianLord Krishna,  Cowherd,  Protector of cowsBoy
GopalIndianOne who plays with the cowherdsBoy
GopalIndianLord Krishna,  CowherdBoy
GopalIndianKrishna,  CowherdBoy
GopalSanskritLord Krishna,  Cowherd,  Protector of cowsBoy
GopeeIndianA cowherd,  Protector of cowsBoy
GopeeSanskritA cowherd,  Protector of cowsBoy
GopiIndianMilkmaid friends of lord Krishna,  Cowherd,  Protector of cowsGirl
GopiSanskritA cowherd,  Protector of cowsBoy
GopikaIndianA Cowherd,  Cowherd womanGirl
GopikaIndianCowherd,  Cowherd womanGirl
GovindIndianCowherd,  Lord KrishnaBoy
GovindaIndianOne who pleases the cows,  Cowherd,  Lord KrishnaBoy
GovindaSanskritA cowherd,  Lord KrishnaBoy
MadangopalIndianLovely Cowherd,  Lord KrishnaBoy
Origin:  IndianSanskrit
Religion:  Hindu
Rashi:  KumbhMeshSinh
Nakshatra:  KrithikaMakhaSathabisham
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)Shani (Saturn)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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