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List of Names meaning 'High'

AaleeIndianSublime,  Lofty,  HighBoy
Aali  (عالي)ArabianLofty,  Sublime,  The High,  Exalted OneBoy
AaliaIndianExalted,  Lofty,  Highest social standingGirl
AaliaIndianExalted,  Highest social standingGirl
AaliyaIndianHigh,  Tall,  Towering,  ExcellentGirl
Aaliyah  (عالية)ArabianLofty,  Sublime,  The High,  Exalted OneGirl
AalonaHawaiianHigh MountainBoy
AarenEnglishHigh mountain,  Light bringerUnisex
AarenIndianHigh mountain,  Light bringerUnisex
AaronHebrewExalted One,  High,  High MountainBoy
AaronIndianExalted on highBoy
AaronIndianExalted on high,  Light BringerBoy
AaronSpanishHigh MountainBoy
AarronIndianExalted on high,  Light BringerBoy
AbdalIndianSlave of the highBoy
Abdul AliIndianSlave of the highBoy
AbhidharmIndianHighest DharmaBoy
AbramBiblicalHigh Father,  Exalted (Father)Boy
AditriIndianHighest honor,  Goddess LaxmiGirl
AditriIndianHighest Honor,  Goddess LakshmiGirl
AharonHebrewExalted One,  High,  High MountainBoy
AhmadIndianPraiseworthy,  Commendable,  Highly adoredBoy
AhmedIndianPraiseworthy,  Commendable,  Highly adoredBoy
Al Ali (العلى)IndianThe Highest 
AldiyarKazakhYour HighnessBoy
AleaEnglishThe High,  Exalted oneGirl
AleaIndianThe High,  Exalted oneGirl
Ali  (عليّ)ArabianLofty,  Sublime,  The High,  Exalted OneBoy
AliIndianHigh,  Elevated,  Exalted,  Excellent,  NobleBoy
AliIndianHigh,  Elevated,  Exalted,  Nobel,  ExcellentBoy
AliIndianHigh,  Noble,  Excellent,  Elevated,  Exalted,  Prophet Mohammad's son in lawBoy
AliIranian (Persian)High,  Prophet Mohammad's Son in LawBoy
AliaIndianExalted,  Highest social standingGirl
AliaIndianExalted,  Lofty,  Highest social standingGirl
AliyaArabianThe High,  Exalted OneGirl
AliyyaArabianThe High,  Exalted OneGirl
AliyyahArabianThe High,  Exalted OneGirl
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List of Surnames meaning 'High'

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Origin:  HawaiianHebrewEnglishWelshArabicSpanishBiblicalScottishIrishKazakhIndianPersian (Iranian)
Religion:  HinduChristianMuslim
Rashi:  Mesh
Nakshatra:  Krithika
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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