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AadityaIndianLord Surya,  SunBoy
AadityaIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
AdityaIndianLord Surya,  Sun,  Son of AditiBoy
AdityaIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
AnamitraIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
AnshuIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
AnshuIndianLord Surya (Sun),  Ray of lightBoy
AnshumaliIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
AnshumanIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
ArunIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
ArunaIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
AviIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
BhanuIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
BhaskarIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
ChitranathIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
DeeptanshuIndianShining,  Lord Surya (Sun)Boy
DeeptanshuIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
DinendraIndianLord of day,  Lord Surya (Sun)Boy
DineshIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
DineshIndianLord of day,  Lord Surya (Sun)Boy
DiptanshuIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
DivaakarIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
DivakarIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
GandhiIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
HimaghnaIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
InaIndianLord SuryaBoy
JnhihIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
KuvamIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
KuvamIndianLord Surya (Sun)Girl
MartandIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
MartandaIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
MihitIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
MitraIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
MitraIndianLord Surya (Sun),  FriendBoy
PatagIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
PrabhakarIndianLord Surya (Sun),  One who gives lightBoy
PrabhakarIndianLord Surya (Sun)Boy
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