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List of Names meaning 'River'

AeronwyWelshRiver of carnageGirl
AfftonEnglishName of the riverUnisex
AfftonIndianName of the riverUnisex
AfonWelshRiver,  ImmortalUnisex
AftonEnglishName of the riverUnisex
AftonIndianName of the riverUnisex
AlakanandaIndianName of a riverGirl
AlaknandaIndianA riverGirl
AlaknandaIndianA river in HimalayasGirl
AlaknandaIndianA River in the HimalayasGirl
AldfordEnglishOld River FordBoy
AldfordIndianOld River FordBoy
AlfordEnglishOld River FordBoy
AlfordIndianOld River FordBoy
AltonEnglishOld town,  Settlement along riverBoy
AltonIndianOld town,  Settlement along riverBoy
AmhuinnScottishFrom the Alder tree riverBoy
AshitaIndianRiver YamunaGirl
AsitaIndianRiver YamunaGirl
AsitaIndianThe River YamunaGirl
AtreyeeIndianName of a river,  Container of gloryGirl
AtreyeeSanskritName of a river,  container of gloryGirl
AtreyiIndianA riverGirl
AtreyiIndianName of a riverGirl
AtreyiIndianName of a river,  Container of gloryGirl
AtreyiSanskritName of a river,  container of gloryGirl
AvaaniIndianOn Course,  Bed of a river,  EarthGirl
AvaaniIndianOn course,  The bed of a river,  The EarthGirl
AvishIndianEarth,  RiverBoy
AvishiIndianEarth,  RiverGirl
BhagirathiIndianThe river GangaGirl
BhagirathiSanskritThe river GangaGirl
BhanujaIndianRiver YamunaGirl
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List of Surnames meaning 'River'

SurnameOriginIn LocalMeaning
AbercrombieGaelic The mouth of a river,  Marshy ground
AberdeenEnglish The mouth of a river,  Marshy ground,  Place where streams meets
AberdeneEnglish From the mouth of the river Don
AbernethyGaelic Dangerous confluence of two or more rivers
AbernithyGaelic Dangerous confluence of two or more rivers
AftonEnglish From the river Afton
AinsworthEnglish Place,  Possession on the river
AinsworthWelsh Place,  Possession on the river
AlfordEnglish Old River Ford
AltonEnglish Old Town,  Settlement at the river source
AlvordEnglish Old River Ford
AnnanEnglish Slow running water,  Gentle river
ArbuthnotEnglish The mouth of a river,  Marshy ground,  Place where streams meets
AshfordEnglish On the river ash
AylsworthEnglish Low meadow washed by a river,  A farm house or village
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Origin:  SanskritEnglishWelshScottishIndianGaelic
Religion:  HinduChristian
Rashi:  VrushabhDhanMesh
Nakshatra:  KrithikaPurva ShadaMoola
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)Guru (Jupiter)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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