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Name  Cherish  generally means  To Cherish or  To Hold Dear


Name  Cherish  is a  Feminine  name, which means generally Girls have this name


Name  Cherish  has  Indian, English  origin


Person with name  Cherish  are mainly  Christian  by religion
ChristianTo Cherish,  To Hold DearGirl

Lucky Number

Supportive numbers for name  Cherish  are
 3, 7, 9

Lucky Color

Auspicious color for name  Cherish  are
 Yellow, White, Light Green

Lucky Stone

Auspicious stone for name  Cherish  are  Bloodstone, Aquamarine, Jade, Rock Crystal, Sapphire

rock crystalsapphire 
Rock CrystalSapphire

Lucky Metal

Auspicious metal for name  Cherish  is

Lucky Days

Best days for name  Cherish  are
 Monday, Thursday

Ruling Hours

Ruling Hours for name  Cherish  is
 5am ~ 7am

Ruling Planet

Ruling Planet (Graha) for name  Cherish  is


Numerical for name  Cherish  is  7
Person with '7' as name numerical are Analytical, understanding, knowledgeable, studious, independent, fearless, investigative, proof oriented and practical


People with name  Cherish  are Imaginative, Expressive, Joy loving, and Creative.


To live their dreams and turn fantasies into realities

Life Pursuit

To avoid feeling alone and instead feel connected to others and the world at large


Erratic Energy levels


People with name  Cherish  are kind and sympathetic, creative, spiritual, brave and prefer a lot of independence. They are compassionate and do establish a heart-full loving relationship with their family and friends. Unless pushed badly, they will rarely hurt anyone. They are empathic, selfless and always ready to help the needy.
Note: Astrological information provided above is generalised and may differ from person to person. Please consult your astrologer for exact and precise information.
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