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Sibling names for 'Osip'

AchimaHebrewWill EstablishGirl
AchimahHebrewWill EstablishGirl
AcimaHebrewWill EstablishGirl
AcimahHebrewWill EstablishGirl
FifnaHebrewHe shall addGirl
FifneHebrewHe shall addGirl
FinaHebrewHe shall addGirl
GuiseppieHebrewGod will multiply,  God will addGirl
GuiseppinaHebrewGod will multiply,  God will addGirl
JoelaHebrewGod is WillingGirl
JoellaHebrewGod is WillingGirl
JoelleHebrewGod is WillingGirl
JoellianaHebrewGod is WillingGirl
JoellianeHebrewGod is WillingGirl
JokinaHebrewGod will establishGirl
JokineHebrewGod will establishGirl
JoseHebrewGod will addGirl
JosebeHebrewGod will addGirl
JoseeHebrewGod will addGirl
JosephaHebrewGod will addGirl
JosephinaHebrewGod will addGirl
JosephineHebrewGod will addGirl
JosettaHebrewGod will addGirl
JosetteHebrewGod will addGirl
JosieHebrewGod will addGirl
JoxepaHebrewGod will addGirl
JozsaHebrewGod will addGirl
JutkaHebrewHe will be praisedGirl
YosebaHebrewGod will multiply,  God will addGirl
YosebeHebrewGod will multiply,  God will addGirl
YosefaHebrewHe shall addGirl
YosephaHebrewGod will multiply,  God will addGirl
YosephinaHebrewGod will multiply,  God will addGirl
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 Similar sounding names:
 Aesop,  Iosep,  Ogafia,  Osip,  Sepi
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