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List of Names similar to 'Achit'

AchiengAfricanBorn when the Sun ShinesGirl
AchillEnglishPain,  LiplessBoy
AchillIndianPain,  LiplessBoy
AchillLatinHe who embodies the grief of the peopleBoy
AchilleFrenchEither Pain,  LiplessBoy
AchilleItalianEither Pain,  LiplessBoy
AchilleaLatinHe who embodies the grief of the peopleGirl
AchillesLatinHe who embodies the grief of the peopleBoy
Achilleus  (Αχιλλεύς)GreekPain,  LiplessBoy
AchilleusLatinHe who embodies the grief of the peopleBoy
Achillios  (Αχίλλειος)Greek Boy
AchimHebrewEstablished by GodBoy
AchimaHebrewWill EstablishGirl
AchimahHebrewWill EstablishGirl
AchintyaIndianBeyond comprehensionBoy
AchintyaIndianBeyond Comprehension,  Lord ShivaBoy
AchintyaIndianLord Shiva,  VishnuBoy
AchintyaSanskritLord Shiva,  Inconceivable,  Beyond comprehensionBoy
AchiraIndianVery ShortGirl
AchirzIndian Girl
AchitIndian Girl
Origin:  AfricanHebrewEnglishItalianSanskritGreekLatinFrenchIndian
Religion:  HinduJainChristian
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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