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Birth Control

Note: Information provided on this page is for general education only, please seek medical assistance when in doubt

My patch fell off or becomes loose. What do I do?
In order to be effective all edges of the patch must be sticking to your body. In case your patch is not sticking properly try pressing it firmly for about 20 seconds. If patch sticks, continue to use the same for the rest of 7 days else remove it and replace it with another patch. If the patch has been detached for more than 24 hours, use other contraception such as condom for the next 7 days. If the patch got detached during intercourse use of Emergency Contraception is advisable

Can I get rashes when I put on "The Patch"?
In some woman mild to intense skin irritation, rashes or skin redness can be felt; try placing the patch on different parts of your body particularly on less sensitive or thick skin regions. Always put the patch onto clean and dry skin, do not put the patch in places where there may be rubbing like under bra strap or underwear waist band. Don't place it on skin that is already red, irritated, cut or broken. If the rash continues consult your doctor

Is it normal to spot or bleed between my periods when using "The Patch"?
Though it can happen, spotting or bleeding between periods is less common with “The Patch” than with birth control pills.

Is missing my period when using "The Patch" normal?
You may miss a period every once in a while when using "The Patch". If you applied your patch on-time each week it is unlikely you are pregnant provided you do not have any other symptoms of pregnancy. However please use urine pregnancy test kit when in doubt to be double sure.

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