indian baby names
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Alphabets and Personality

Below are first letter in person name and there general personality / characteristics.       

First Letter in Name  Personality / Characteristic of the person
A, J, S  Courageous, Initiative, Leader, Attainment.
B, K, T  Peace loving, Good partner, Spiritual.
C, L, U  Imaginative, Expressive, Joy loving, Creativity.
D, M, V  Constructive, Excellent manager.
E, N, W  Sexual, Constructive, Freedom loving, Progressive, Wise.
F, O, X  Artist, Balance, Responsible, Home loving.
G, P, Y  Analysis, Understandable, Scientific, Meditation, Love of Solitude.
H, Q, Z  Judge, Material Satisfaction, Powerful, Originative.
I, R  Forgiveness, Selflessness, Perfection, Philanthropic, Divine.

Please use this chart for reference only.