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List of Names meaning 'Man'

AadeshIndianCommand,  MessageBoy
AalokIndianBrightness,  Light,  Cry of victory,  A man with lovely hairBoy
AalokSanskritBrightness,  Light,  Cry of victory,  A man with lovely hairBoy
AamilIndianDoer,  Work manBoy
AamrapaliIndianLeaf of Mango treeGirl
AaniyaIndianSon of Anjani,  Lord HanumanGirl
AanjaneyaIndianSon of Anjani,  Lord HanumanBoy
AanjaneyaSanskritSon of Anjani,  Name of HanumanBoy
AarizIndianRespectable man,  IntelligentBoy
AatamiFinnishEarth,  ManBoy
AbarraneHebrewFather of ManyGirl
Abdul DhahirIndianServant of the manifestBoy
AbellEnglishVanity,  HerdsmanBoy
AbellIndianVanity,  HerdsmanBoy
AbhicandraIndianMoon like face,  One of the seven Manus of the Svetambara Jain sectionBoy
AbhicandraIndianWith a moon like face,  One of the seven manus of the Svetambara jain sectBoy
AbhijataIndianWell born womanGirl
AbhijitaIndianVictorious womanGirl
AbhimanyusutaIndianSon or AbhimanyuBoy
AbhimanyusutaIndianSon of AbhimanyuBoy
AbhirupaIndianBeautiful (woman)Girl
AbhiviraIndianSurrounded by heroes,  A CommanderBoy
AbhiviraIndianSurrounded by heroes,  CommanderBoy
AbleEnglishVanity,  HerdsmanBoy
AbleIndianVanity,  HerdsmanBoy
AbraArabianMother of ManyGirl
AbraHebrewMother of ManyGirl
AcaryanandanaIndianSon of teacher,  Another name for AsvatthamanBoy
AcaryanandanaIndianSon of the teacher,  Lord AsvatthamanBoy
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List of Surnames meaning 'Man'

SurnameOriginIn LocalMeaning
AckermanEnglish Oaken Man,  Hard,  Unyielding Man
AckersEnglish Oaken Man
AckmanEnglish Oak Man
AkemanEnglish Oak Man
AkersEnglish Place of Oaks,  Oak Man
AlexanderEnglish Defender of mankind
AndrewEnglish Man,  Warrior
AnstrutherEnglish Excellent discerning man
ArblasterEnglish Cross bowman
ArcherEnglish Bowman,  Maker of bows
ArthurEnglish Bear man
BaberEnglish Fence,  Swordsman
BackmanEnglish Brook man
BackmanGerman Brook man
BalistariusRoman Cross bowman
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Rashi:  Mesh
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Graha:  Mangal (Mars)
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