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List of Names meaning 'Warrior'

AdelitaSpanishNoble,  Woman warriorGirl
AeglaecaAnglo-SaxonFriend,  Hero,  WarriorBoy
AellaAnglo-SaxonAn Amazon warriorBoy
AglaecaAnglo-SaxonFriend,  Hero,  WarriorBoy
AhasuerusLatinGreat warrior,  Lion KingBoy
AidithAnglo-SaxonSeasoned warriorGirl
AilithAnglo-SaxonSeasoned warriorGirl
AindreaScottishMan,  WarriorBoy
AkalbirIndianGod's immortal warriorBoy
AloisGermanFamous warrior,  Famous in battleBoy
AloiseSpanishFamous Warrior,  Famous in BattleGirl
AloisiaGermanFamous warrior,  Famous in battleGirl
AloisiaLatinFamous warriorGirl
AloisioPortugueseFamous warriorBoy
AloisiusLatinFamous warriorBoy
AlojzCzech & SlovakFamous WarriorBoy
AlojzyPolishFamous Warrior,  Famous in BattleBoy
AloysLatinFamous warriorBoy
AloysiaGermanFamous WarriorGirl
AloysiusLatinFamous warriorBoy
AlviseItalianFamous WarriorBoy
AndeeEnglishMan,  WarriorGirl
AndeeIndianMan,  WarriorGirl
AnderaSpanishMan,  Warrior,  MasculineGirl
AndereSpanishMan,  Warrior,  MasculineGirl
AndersScandinavianMan,  WarriorBoy
AndiEnglishMan,  WarriorGirl
AndiIndianMan,  WarriorGirl
AndorHungarianManly,  Man,  WarriorBoy
AndorNorwegianMan,  Warrior,  EagleBoy
AndraEnglishMan,  WarriorGirl
AndraIndianMan,  WarriorGirl
AndrasHungarianManly,  Man,  WarriorBoy
AndrasWelshMan,  WarriorBoy
AndreFrenchStrong,  Man,  WarriorBoy
AndreIndianMan,  WarriorBoy
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List of Surnames meaning 'Warrior'

SurnameOriginIn LocalMeaning
AlvisioItalian Famous warrior
AndrewEnglish Man,  Warrior
ClancyEnglish Son of Flannchadh,  Red Warrior
ClancyIrish Son of Flannchadh,  Red Warrior
HarlinEnglish Noble Friend,  Noble Warrior
KempEnglish Champion,  Warrior
KylerGerman Warrior
LewisEnglish Famous warrior
MurdockEnglish Sea warrior
MurdockScottish Sea warrior
MurphyIrish Descendant of Murchadh,  Sea warrior
MurrayEnglish Sea warrior
MurrayScottish Sea warrior
TakedaJapan武田Warrior Rice Field
WarnerEnglish Warrior
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Origin:  JapanPortugueseWelshAfricanPolishGermanFrenchIrishIndianCzech & SlovakNorwegianItalianScottishEnglishScandinavianLatinAnglo-SaxonHungarianSpanish
Religion:  SikhChristian
Rashi:  Mesh
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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